183748654 YuJa offers many tools to help students learn, engage and interact; however, it also offers instructors the opportunity to work on their own schedules, embrace flexibility, and juggle teaching, personal research and personal responsibilities.

How can YuJa Help You?

Many instructors have multiple responsibilities, outside of just teaching. You may be supervising graduate students, working on your own research and publications, or managing a department. These tasks can take a significant amount of time. Additionally, you certainly have your own interests, hobbies and responsibilities. YuJa makes class materials and information more available to your students, but it can, at the same time, help you to maintain healthy boundaries on your time.
  • Lecture capture reduces student questions and concerns, helping to reduce the amount of time you spend answering questions and responding to emails. If you opt for a flipped class structure, you can record your lectures when it is convenient for you, then devote your classroom time to helping students.
  • Prepare materials for the semester in large blocks, whether you’re making short video podcasts or full-length lecture captures. In a day, you can record multiple weeks of work for your students.
  • Schedule online office hours if you’re unable to make it to campus for traditional office hours. YuJa allows you to help your students from your home office, saving you commute time.
  • If you’re ill, you can teach your class from home with YuJa using lecture capture. You can even record lectures to account for missed classes if you’ll be away.
  • Upload test reviews, course notes, and other materials to provide students easy access to all class materials. With easy access to these materials, there’s no need for students to contact you or interrupt research or personal time.
  • Take advantage of SMS messaging through YuJa to keep your cell phone number private, but remain accessible to your students.
What does all this mean for you? More uninterrupted time for research, preparation, and living your life. With YuJa, you can use technology to improve your work/life balance.