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YuJa’s Fourth Quarter Updates Include New Third-Party Hardware Interoperability, Feature Updates That Enhance Usability, and Improvements to Product Accessibility

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–YuJa, Inc. has incorporated a host of new features and updates for its Enterprise Video Platform, Data Archiving and Compliance tool, Video Conference Platform and Digital Accessibility tools.

A major Video Platform announcement includes the addition of enterprise connectors for integration with hardware providers Epiphan and Matrox. The Video Platform also saw new capabilities in its video quizzing, Software Capture for Apple, the Video Editor and in other supportive features, such as downloading video podcasts with “burned in” captions.

The Video Conference Platform has an increased number of video presenters, enhanced microphone and audio selection, optimized loading and downloading and improved WCAG 2.1 accessibility and color contrast.

YuJa Panorama for Digital Accessibility now offers the ability to access alternative formats for HTML pages within Moodle, Blackboard and D2L, as well as improved HTML Accessibility Checks. Instructors have more control than ever, and can now enable or disable report gauges, add and view current source files. Panorama is now supported on Blackboard 3800+ with a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.

YuJa Himalayas for Enterprise Compliance saw the addition of a “My Archive” folder within the Media Library Platform. Other additions include the ability to track, archive and restore jobs, automatic uploading of Zoom meetings in the Media Channel, updates to the policy creation tool and more.

“YuJa’s Product Team continues to deliver innovative features and updates that enhance the offerings of our various product Platforms,” said Nathan Arora, Chief Business Officer at YuJa. “These updates are among many implemented throughout 2021 that all help create a comprehensive media ecosystem for institutions of all sizes.”

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In addition to the enterprise connector integrations, highlights within the Enterprise Video Platform include:

  • The ability to assign LMS Gradebook credit based on the percentage of a video students watched.
  • Updated UI for YuJa Software Capture for PC and Apple with improved accessibility in alignment with WCAG 2.1 Level AA contrast requirements.
  • The Video Editor now supports find-and-replace for editing captions;
  • An updated Admin Panel Platform Tab that simplifies the organization, layout and usability of configurations in the Platform.
  • Support for organization-approved pre-roll and post-roll videos for ease in distribution of brand and compliance-aligned videos.
  • The ability for content owners and administrators to download video podcasts with “burned in” caption files.
  • Placeholder recordings can be inserted before an event, so recordings can be immediately inserted into instructional content.

YuJa Himalayas for Data Archiving and Compliance has a number of feature updates. Highlights include:

  • The addition of a “My Archive” folder within the Media Library to provide insight into archived content and restore their files.
  • The ability to track, archive and restore jobs via a new Job Management dashboard.
  • Support for Zoom LTI Pro, which provides automatic uploading of Zoom meetings into the Media Channel. This feature also is available to Enterprise Video Platform customers.
  • The ability to create a recurring data policy to consistently determine what content should be archived and when.
  • An option to undo an archive job for files being transferred to the Video Platform.
  • The Policy Creator now offers the ability to add “file size” and “video length” as filters to refine searches in both Himalayas and the Video Platform.

Featured updates to YuJa Panorama for Digital Accessibility include:

  • The ability to access alternative formats for HTML pages within Moodle, Blackboard and D2L learning management systems.
  • Improved HTML accessibility checks within various LMSs to ensure content meets accessibility standards.
  • Ability to use with Blackboard 3800+ via a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.
  • Setting updates that allow administrators to enable or disable Accessibility Report gauges and review default settings on an institution-wide level.
  • The ability to add and view current source files.

YuJa’s Video Conference Platform also saw enhancements, including:

  • The number of presenters allowed was increased to 16.
  • Enhanced microphone and audio selection, along with supporting dynamic source switching during an active conference.
  • Optimized loading and downloading for faster loading times and reduced memory storage.
  • Improved WCAG 2.1 accessibility and color contrasts.
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YuJa is a leader in enterprise video solutions. Its products harness the power of video to educate, engage, inspire, and collaborate. YuJa serves organizations of all sizes, within all sectors, including higher-ed, K-12, government, healthcare, non-profit and corporate delivering engaging video experiences. Its portfolio includes products for lecture capturelive streamingvideo managementvideo conferencingvideo test proctoringdigital asset managemententerprise accessibilitydigital archiving and compliance. Legal headquarters are located in Delaware, with primary U.S. offices in Silicon Valley, California, and Canadian offices in Toronto.

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