Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing For Education

Use YuJa’s Video Conferencing platform to scale online training and education programs within your organizations.

Video Conferencing Solutions Trusted By Leading Organizations

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Video Conferencing

Deliver Interactive Video Conferencing

Deploy engaging video conferencing solutions for virtual classrooms, webinars, office hours, and tutorials.

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WebRTC Audio, Video and Collaboration

WebRTC Audio, Video and Collaboration

WebRTC Audio, Video and Collaboration

YuJa’s video conferencing platform for the classroom enables multimedia collaboration with no application downloads or installs.

Video Collaboration

Solutions for Diverse Educational and Collaboration Needs

Create new learning opportunities for students with scalable, collaborative, and interactive tools that work the way they learn.

Hybrid & Blended Classes

Deploy a single video solution with integrated lecture capture, live streaming and video conferencing platform.

Student Engagement

Use our combined video conferencing and social learning tools to promote an active learning environment.

Virtual Office Hours

Host drop-in and small group office hours right within your LMS or CMS with nothing to download or install.

Small Groups

Provide your students with convenient tools for group projects and after-hours meetings.

Staff Development

Effectively train and communicate with your staff in web-based meetings and training seminars.

Remote Interview

Conduct interviews using cost-effective video conferencing to reduce unnecessary travel expenses.

Elastic Scalability

Scalable Virtual Classrooms

Our cloud-based architecture enables us to instantly scale from small group collaborations to large-scale lectures and webinars. YuJa’s Video Conference offers the best virtual classroom and online meeting software. Engage students in face-to-face learning with anyone, anywhere.

Real-Time Whiteboards for Live Instruction

Annotation Tools

Real-Time Whiteboards for Live Instruction

YuJa’s real-time whiteboard enables participants to draw and annotate within a live Video Conference session ideal for one-on-one office hours, small group collaborations, and large-scale video conferencing.

Oakland University
Oakland University

Oakland University

The multi-year contract was awarded following an extensive Request for Proposal (RFP) review that described the university’s specific service requirements for an enterprise lecture capture solution, video management, and video conferencing capabilities. These tools support Oakland University’s aim to implement their online learning strategy for the upcoming Fall 2020 semester during the uncertain times.

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Screen Sharing

Desktop Sharing to Enable Hands-On Learning

Whether you are designing a 3D model, sharing slides, or editing a document, desktop sharing allows students to see what is being presented on your desktop and follow your on-screen actions through their own screens.

Manage Individual Video Breakout Rooms

Breakout Rooms

Manage Individual Video Breakout Rooms

Split your Video Conference meetings into separate Breakout room sessions. Choose how you can split the participants of the meeting into separate sessions automatically or manually at any time.

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Cloud Video Conferencing

Cloud Video Conferencing – Live Collaboration and Online Learning

YuJa’s Video Conferencing suite is designed for high-impact video collaboration for learning and training programs.

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Raise Your Hand in a Webinar

Audience Engagement

Raise Your Hand in a Webinar

Video Conference participants can perform a Virtual Hand Raise within a meeting to make a request, ask a question, or indicate any confusion to the Meeting owner without unmuting their microphone.

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