Strengthen Your Alumni Relations With YuJa’s Video Platform

Karen Butterfield
Karen Butterfield

Female speaker giving presentation to group in conference roomNot only can institutions help facilitate ongoing relationships, but they can provide continued benefits to former students, offering career services, hosting events and workshops, and providing other opportunities to connect and give back. 

Colleges and universities no longer have to rely on reunions to maintain relationships with alumni. Tools like video allow institutions to tailor strategies to engage and create meaningful, lasting connections.   

Why Should Higher Education Institutions Maintain Relationships With Alums?

While YuJa enables colleges and universities to support students in the classroom and in distance learning environments, it also allows institutions to maintain close and ongoing relationships with alumni. Creating connections with alumni and leveraging their expertise to help current students benefits current students, graduates and the institution through fundraising, marketing and brand awareness.

Connecting with alumni enables colleges and universities to:

  • Design and implement effective fundraising campaigns.
  • Provide job search assistance to alumni.
  • Increase internship and employment opportunities for current students.
  • Create mentorship programs for students.
  • Increase awareness about the institution for prospective students and create loyalty among graduates.

YuJa’s Video Platform Facilitates Engaging University-Alumni Relations 

Through its Enterprise Video Platform, YuJa offers abundant opportunities for colleges and universities to connect with alumni, helping them feel like the instrumental part of the organization that they are long after their own student days are over. Not only can alumni connect with the current student community, but they can create relationships within departments as well. 

The same tools colleges and universities use to broadcast classes and special events on campus are an effective means of reaching out to and engaging with alumni. Colleges and universities can use YuJa to help drive positive alumni relations:

  • Create an online community for alumni by providing informative marketing videos, inspirational success stories of other alumni, and sharing what’s new at the college.
  • Provide opportunities to engage with thought leadership through event and conference streaming. Alumni can continue to engage with thought leaders, one another and other students no matter where they are in the world. 
  • Offer workshops and career development opportunities, whether it’s through targeted courses, events and other purposeful programming that facilitates continued engagement with the college or university.  

Create a Thriving Alumni Network

In today’s world, institutions need more than occasional newsletters or social media updates to create a thriving alumni network. YuJa provides the tools colleges and universities need to form and retain an engaged, active and involved community. 

When alumni feel like they are a vital part of the college or university, they are more likely to involve themselves in all aspects of the institution, including through participating in the alumni association, mentoring others, providing internship programs and fundraising.

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