Female speaker giving presentation to group in conference roomWhile YuJa enables colleges and universities to support students in the classroom and in distance learning environments, it also allows institutions to maintain close and ongoing relationships with alumni. These relationships benefit your alumni, your current students, and the college or university as a whole. Increasingly, universities are using social media and the internet to reach out to alumni and maintain these connections.

Connecting with your alumni enables colleges and universities to:

  • Design and implement effective fundraising campaigns.
  • Provide job search assistance to alumni.
  • Create mentorship programs for students.
  • Increase internship and employment opportunities for current students.

Creating Connections with YuJa

YuJa offers new opportunities to connect with your alumni, helping them to feel a part of the college or university long after their own student days are over. Alumni can connect with the current student community, as well as with their particular departments. The same tools colleges and universities use to broadcast classes and special events on campus are an effective means of reaching out to and engaging with alumni.

With YuJa, colleges and universities can:

  • Share lecture captures with alumni.
  • Record and share departmental events, including conferences.
  • Livestream and capture key campus events, including performances and speakers.
  • Offer real-time discussions for ongoing engagement between faculty and alumni.
  • Create groups for alumni to interact with one another.
  • Provide opportunities for continuing education through distance learning.
  • Enable alumni to mentor students entering the workforce.
  • Facilitate fundraising opportunities through the alumni association.

YuJa provides the tools colleges and universities need to retain an engaged, active and involved alumni community. In today’s world, institutions need more than occasional newsletters or social media updates. The creation of an online community, with lecture capture and campus broadcasting, special learning opportunities and social engagement provides alumni with a continuing college experience.

Real-World Benefits

Colleges and universities often rely upon networks of alumni to meet the needs for both fundraising and industry involvement in the educational setting. With YuJa, you can provide your contributors and industrial partners with both an ongoing relationship with the institution, and the ability to see the benefits of their efforts.

YuJa lets colleges and universities take campus events and student activities to alumni at any location around the world. Engineering competitions and music performances can become more than just a tweet or Facebook post–they can become an interactive video experience! When alumni feel like they remain a part of the college or university, they are more likely to involve themselves in all aspects of the institution, including their alumni association, mentorship and internship programs and fundraising.