Local Capture SettingsYuJa provides the tools you need to create high-quality lecture capture videos for your students, whether you use the YuJa Hardware Hub, YuJa Software Station or YuJa Web Capture. While YuJa’s lecture capture solutions can create crisp and clear videos, in some cases, you may find that you’re struggling with video quality. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some solutions to maximize your video quality or solve video quality problems.

Managing Equipment Issues

In some cases, video and audio quality issues are the result of poorly functioning or inadequate equipment. For instance, you may find that your video and audio quality is poor if you’re recording with the on-board webcam and internal microphone in a laptop PC.
    1. Audio Equipment Choices
A USB microphone is recommended. Both wired and wireless microphones will work, and YuJa is compatible with a wide range of USB microphones. Wireless microphones are a more practical classroom solution, but if you’re recording from your office or a home office, you can certainly use a wired or headset style microphone for clear audio quality.
    1. Video Equipment Needs
For lecture capture recordings, a separate web camera is suggested. These are also available at a wide range of price points, with higher quality products offering improved resolution and increased features. While a microphone and web camera make up the basics of a lecture capture recording, lighting can also matter. If your camera quality isn’t the problem, adding additional lighting may improve the visibility and clarity of your recording. This is especially helpful for on-site demonstrations.

Improving Screen Capture Quality

For most users, the screen capture process will be seamless, producing clear and good-quality recordings without additional effort. In other cases, however, users may have to adjust settings in the YuJa Software Station or their computer to improve screen capture quality. Below, you’ll find some tips and tricks we’ve found helpful to create top-quality screen capture recordings.
    1. Screen Resolution Settings
Match your screen resolution and your screen capture resolution. You’ll find the YuJa Software Station screen resolution settings by editing your Capture Profile and selecting Global Settings. Right-click on your desktop and choose Display to see your computer’s screen resolution.  Do keep in mind that extremely high resolutions may cause playback difficulties for some users.
    1. The ClearType Tuner
Try out the ClearType Tuner included with Windows. In Windows 10, the ClearType Tuner is located in your Display Settings under Advanced Settings; however, it is also available in older versions of windows. Turn on ClearType and use the tuner to improve the display quality of fonts and text on your screen.
    1. Icon Size Settings
In Display Settings, confirm that icons are set to 100% size.
    1. Full Screen Mode
Record screen captures in full-screen mode, rather than in a minimized screen for the highest quality recording.
    1. Zooming In or Out
When showing a file or document on screen, or illustrating a web browser on screen, be certain you are viewing the screen at 100 percent, rather than a lower or higher zoom value. We hope these tips help you to maximize your use of the YuJa lecture capture tools and to create recordings your students will enjoy.