Mobile devices are in the hands of nearly every undergraduate student. A smartphone accompanies nine out of ten college students everywhere they go. The ideal enterprise video platform needs to be accessible to students on their phones and tablets. For many students, time at a traditional computer is limited by jobs, school schedules and other responsibilities. Bringing educational tools to the student, where they are and when they have time available provides them with support they need to succeed in higher education, and later, employment.

The YuJa Mobile App

YuJa offers a mobile app, available for both iOs and Android devices, including smartphones and tablets. The YuJa app is an ideal addition to the YuJa learning platform. The YuJa app enables students to access:

  1. Course lecture captures.
  2. Uploaded external video content from the Media Channel.
  3. Social learning features, including real-time discussions.

Students can download the YuJa app from the Apple App Store for iOs or the Google Play store for Android devices. The app is compatible with both smartphones and tablets, and provides much of the functionality required for a student to use and access YuJa.  Students login using SSO, either with their established YuJa login or a login provided via email, for institutions that rely on LTI-Integration.  This maintains login for a set duration of time, offering students increased ease of access.

Screenshot_2016-01-20-12-30-34Using the Mobile App

The YuJa mobile app offers intuitive navigation, access to content from multiple courses, and the ability to engage with instructors and fellow students.

Home: The Home screen provides a summary view of all enrolled YuJa courses.

Recent Activity: Recent Activity shows all course activity.

Course Groups: The Course Groups screen allows access to individual course discussions.

Learning Channel: The Learning Channel enables students and instructors to access all course videos and lecture captures.

Course Board: The Course Board provides access to instructor-provided course materials, including the course syllabus and all uploaded readings.

Shared Files: The Shared Files lets students access and collaborate on files shared via Google Drive, Dropbox or Box.

Real-World Applications

The YuJa mobile app facilitates learning in a wide variety of situations, for students of all sorts. It offers exceptional practicality for hands-on training in various fields, since the device and lectures can accompany the student.

  • With the mobile app, a medical or nursing student can watch and re-watch a procedure demonstration. This provides ongoing support for students during training, improving their ability to learn and maximizing the effectiveness of hands-on training.
  • During student teaching or teaching practicums, education students can take techniques and lessons from lectures with them to their new classrooms to support their students.
  • For engineering and other technical students, integrated presentation media mean that lecture captures can bring diagrams and blueprints home, to the lab, or to the office on a mobile device.