As institutions continue remote operations throughout 2020, we expect the number of instructors utilizing remote learning tools and lecture capture platforms to gradually increase. This was the case for D’Arcy Norman in the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, at the University of Calgary. Norman and his team initially launched the YuJa Video Content Management platform in Summer 2019 integrating with their existing D2L Learning Management System (LMS). Norman recalls that, users who use the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform, they use it quite a lot.


YuJa Bandwidth Statistics for COVID

Image Source: COVID Online Pivot Learning Technologies Stats


Since the start of the COVID-19 switch back in mid-march, the bandwidth spike was enormous.


“Our video content management platform launched in Summer 2019. It was a soft launch, integrated with D2L but not mandated. People who use it use it a lot.” Norman said.


No matter the situation, the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform provides options for unlimited storage and bandwidth. Our storage infrastructure can provide fully elastic and virtually limitless storage capabilities to grow with your organization’s media repository.


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