Using Lecture Capture and a Video CMS with Blackboard

Universities, colleges, and community colleges use learning management systems, or LMSs to bring content of all sorts to their students. The LMS facilitates in-classroom, blended, flipped and online learning for enrolled students and helps students and instructors to remain in close and ongoing communication. Many institutions around the country have chosen the Blackboard LMS to […]

New Ways to Incorporate Video in Blended Learning Environments

Video is essential to a blended learning environment–or a learning environment that combines elements of a traditional classroom and online learning. Depending upon the structure of the course, students may watch many or all of their lectures on video, while using class time for activities and discussion or may use video learning to supplement a […]

Using Lecture Capture and a Video CMS with D2L Brightspace

Colleges and universities of all sizes rely upon learning management systems or LMS to provide access to course content for online, flipped, and traditional courses. In order to maximize the usefulness of the LMS, it is essential to select a lecture capture provider and video content management system that integrates with the institution’s chosen LMS. […]

Improve Employee Retention with Video Onboarding Strategies

Employee retention is an issue in many organizations. Reduced retention increases training costs and can have a significant impact on both productivity and morale. One of the ways organizations of all sizes can reduce employee turnover and increase retention–and employee satisfaction–is to improve employee onboarding. This allows employees to master necessary job tasks and skills […]

Supporting English Language Learners with Video

Video offers significant and positive potential as a learning tool for English Language Learners (ELLs). English Language Learners may vary widely in their abilities, ranging from near-fluency to very little English proficiency. ELLs can be found in classrooms from preschool and early elementary through higher education, but many of these video learning strategies are applicable […]

How Lecture Capture is Transforming Learning

Distance-based learning aided by visual tools is on a rapid growth trajectory for its ability to democratize learning. By removing the need for students to travel to educational institutions, it makes learning possible for those who aren’t near them or for those who need to balance an existing career or life with learning. By making […]

Integrating Lecture Capture and a Video CMS with Moodle

For institutions of higher education, the learning management system or LMS is essential to support the students’ educational experiences. As video has become ever more critical, for online, hybrid, and traditional courses, many organizations have struggled with the need to implement effective video content management systems and applications to support lecture capture. These management tools, […]

Fall 2018 Scholarship Submissions

The Golden Bridge Between Business and Engineering by Demetrius Daniels Business and Engineering go hand-and-hand when it comes to pushing the boundaries of innovation in a successful way. Throughout history these two majors have individually been essential for any industry that has moved our society forward. It has been proven time and time again around the […]

Six Ways a Video Platform Increases Student Engagement

Today’s students are already adept at using and communicating with one another through video.  This is evidenced by uber-popular video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook Live. Video is now and professors and educators can use it effectively to boost student engagement all the way from kindergarten to college. Whether you’re a traditional higher ed […]

Affordable, Market-Leading Alternative to Techsmith Relay

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform offers a full-featured solution for media capture, organization and management, and both public and user accessibility to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. Comprehensive Capture Tools Media capture tools, including Software Capture and Hardware Capture, provide comprehensive media capture experiences, using on-demand or scheduled recording technology. Mobile capture […]

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