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Comparing and Contrasting Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning Models

Chances are, over the past year or so, you’ve likely gotten a crash course in the difference between synchronous and asynchronous learning. Synchronous learning occurs when students are engaging and learning material at the same time (in real time), whether it’s in-person, in a classroom or online. Asynchronous learning is when students are using the...

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Graduation Cap and Roll of Cash, close-up

2021 YuJa Scholarship Winner – Annika Pierre Michel

Congratulations to Annika Pierre Michel, the winner of the 2021 YuJa Scholarship Contest TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: My name is Annika Pierre Michel. I enjoy analyzing, creating and traveling. In leadership, I value interactions, health, and freedom. I am passionate about architecture. I am attracted to learning interesting skills and meeting like-minded individuals. I currently...

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ArtCenter College of Design Building

Case Study: How ArtCenter College of Design Scaled the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform to Support Online Learning

Located in Pasadena, California, ArtCenter College of Design is a global leader in art and design education. The college has an enrollment of approximately 2,335 students representing more than 40 countries. It offers 11 undergraduate and seven graduate degree programs in an array of programs. When the college began creating ArtCenter Online, an immersive, online...

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A group of professionals pass documents among one another.

Enhance Microlearning With Video in Corporate and Educational Environments

Microlearning.  You’ve heard the term. Chances are, you may even use the pedagogy in your classroom or corporate training program — or at the very least you’ve experienced microlearning at some point in your educational journey. Like many concepts in education, there’s not a single definition of what constitutes microlearning, but it’s generally understood that...

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piggy bank with graduation cap sitting on top of stacked books

Scholarship Submissions 2021

Essay topic: Describe your experience navigating in an online world during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Pandemic Online Learning by Ashley Rodriguez For me personally my experience navigating in the online world during the pandemic was very easy. Yes, the courses were more challenging to understand through online teaching, but it gave me so much more...

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Students lean in to talk to one another at a networking event.

Strengthen Your Alumni Relations With YuJa’s Video Platform

College and university alumni form the backbone of an institution. After successfully earning a degree, many alums feel compelled to help the institution and/or other students, whether it’s through networking, mentorships, or charitable contributions that help support a part of the institution the graduate feels passionate about.  Not only can institutions help facilitate ongoing relationships,...

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College student points at presentation as teacher looks on.

Instructional Chunking With YuJa’s Video Platform

“Chunking” information, or the process of breaking down concepts into smaller pieces, was introduced in 1956 by George A. Miller, who theorized that short-term memory could hold a finite number of chunks of information. A chunk was defined as any meaningful unit, whether it was digits, words, faces, or other material. Since then, the information...

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Teacher leaning over students studying in a group

How YuJa’s Enterprise Video Platform Enables Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated instruction. If the term seems daunting, that’s because there are many varied and sometimes conflicting approaches to helping a diverse group of students learn together. But what does it really mean?  Differentiated instruction, also known as differentiated education, simply means that teachers identify and take into consideration each student’s individual learning style, strengths, needs...

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YuJa Helps Make Content Accessible to All

When it comes to federal funding, there are a number of laws that impact educational institutions of all levels. For example, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 ensure that students with disabilities are given access to services and are eligible for accommodations...

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Young business people sit around a table and work together.

Preparing Students for the Workforce With YuJa

YuJa is geared toward student success in and out of the classroom. The use of learning technology in classrooms, including video, can change how students not only perceive the value of their education, but also their ability to transition into the workforce. In a recent Gallup study, 42 percent of students reported they would prefer...

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