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A laptop with a blue, high tech graphic coming off the screen

How Transcoding Helps Make Video Content Available to All

Behind the scenes is a complex process known as transcoding, which enables creators to allow quality adjustments to fit different devices and connection speeds. The benefit is that learners or viewers don’t have to miss...

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Educause 2023 flyer

YuJa Gears Up for Annual EDUCAUSE Conference

EDUCAUSE is packed with timely content, prominent presenters, and numerous ways for attendees to engage, learn, and connect with others in the field while advancing professional skills. The event provides essential opportunities for education, networking,...

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An interpreter doing sign language

Six Ways to Support International Week of Deaf People

International Week of Deaf People (IWD) is a global event held the last full week of September to raise awareness of the rights, contributions, and culture of deaf individuals. This year, IWD is set for...

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a graphic of three secure laptops connecting to the cloud

Exploring Cold Data Storage Solutions in Higher Education

The evolution of data storage has seen a shift from traditional physical media to more advanced and flexible solutions, such as cloud storage. Cloud computing has revolutionized the way organizations manage and access their data,...

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A classroom with large windows and computers at desks

Five Advantages of Lockdown Proctoring in Higher Education

While the primary purpose of a lockdown app is to maintain the integrity of the assessment by minimizing opportunities for cheating and unauthorized access to information, there are a variety of other advantages to using...

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