YuJa and FERPA Compliance

YuJa is a FERPA compliant enterprise video platform. It meets all standards required by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). What does this all mean to the end user? For students over 18, the rights of FERPA are conveyed to the student, rather than the parent. These rights include:

  • The right to inspect and review records.
  • The right to have inaccurate records corrected.
  • Written permission to disclose student records, excepting certain circumstances.
  • The right to refuse to allow directory information to be shared.

YuJa ensures student privacy and complies with regulations outlined in FERPA.  YuJa’s enterprise video environment does contain student directory information; however, the student controls how that information is seen and accessed. All academic information is available only to the instructor and cannot be freely accessed, per FERPA regulations. Information may be shared only within the guidelines of FERPA.

What are examples of appropriate use of student information under FERPA?

  • Your school can provide information for financial aid.
  • Your instructor can provide a list of student names for members of the class.
  • Your instructor can provide you with the ability to check your own grades, through a private interface.

In terms of personal information, YuJa asks for only what is essential to maintain the classroom learning environment. All information, including mobile phone numbers, is private and inaccessible. That means that even instructors cannot see email addresses or phone numbers. YuJa uses that information, but doesn’t share it. Students can request to register with a pseudonym with the support of their instructor if they prefer.

YuJa and Instructors’ Privacy

For instructor’s maintaining FERPA compliance is essential. YuJa supports your efforts and your students’ privacy rights are protected. You do not need to be concerned with potential violations of FERPA when you are using YuJa to encourage student interaction and engagement. This helps you to create a safe space for student learning, that supports students and protects you.

Instructors may be concerned about intellectual property rights. YuJa stores lecture captures, video podcasts and other materials on the YuJa Cloud. The content’s intellectual property rights are retained by the organization and instructor, not YuJa. Your secure group has access to the files you’ve chosen to share. Membership in individual groups is controlled by the instructor or administrator.

For Students

Students may worry about their online privacy. There are two primary privacy concerns when working and interacting online. The first is the security of your personal information.

  • What does this website know about you?
  • How does it use that information?
  • How does it keep that information secure?

FERPA protects your privacy by limiting access to your personal information. Your professor has that information, as does the school administration, but they don’t, in most cases, have the right to share it without your permission. YuJa allows you to interact safely and securely with your classmates in a protected environment.  You can engage with others without sharing your personal information in any way.  In addition, YuJa will never sell your personal information to third parties.

The second is the security of your intellectual property, including files, lecture captures, and other material.

  • How is this material protected?
  • Who can access it?
  • Who has control of it?

YuJa stores your data in the YuJa Cloud. This is a secure and stable online storage environment, with security protections in place