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Instructors and faculty are not the only ones who have to learn how to use the tools available at YuJa. Students certainly need to learn how to use the multimedia discussion forums, to view lecture captures, and may even need to upload assignments or make their own video presentations on YuJa.

Once a student is signed up for their class or classes on YuJa, they have access to all information for the class, including any videos, quizzes, discussions and lecture captures, as well as full access to the multimedia discussion forum. These features, including watching and replaying lectures are mobile-friendly, so it’s easy for students to keep up on course content with a phone or tablet.

How each student uses YuJa will depend upon the course and instructor. For some classes, weekly lectures may be available to watch online, at a computer or with a mobile device before class.  This is a popular choice for instructors who want to flip their classes, using class time for discussion and other activities.

For others, lectures are simply available for review, as a study tool or to catch up on a missed class. In all cases, the more involvement the instructor has with students in the YuJa online environment, the more the students will make use of the environment. Numerous studies have illustrated the benefits of lecture capture, so simply by making your lectures available on YuJa, you increase the chances your students will use the online resources available.

While many instructors opt to use YuJa as a lecture capture tool, the quiz features, multimedia discussion forums and various file upload options encourage student input and collaboration. These tools can make it easy to offer new opportunities for interaction to your students.

As an instructor, it’s important to offer guidance about your expectations. For instance, some lecture captures may be required, while others are simply available. You could also actively encourage student discussion or require interaction through polls and quizzes.

What Can You Do to Help Your Students Use YuJa?

  1. Send out invitations. If you have a database of class email addresses, this process can be automated for ease.
  2. Create a “Welcome to your YuJa class” lecture capture to allow them to master lecture replay tools. Even just a few minutes of lecture capture footage is enough to allow students to learn to watch, rewind and re-watch lecture captures.
  3. Start a conversation in the multimedia discussion forums and ask students to join in and offer their thoughts.
  4. Offer a simple after-class quiz to help students master the poll and quiz options, as well as test their own knowledge.
  5. Use YuJa’s text messaging options to keep students up-to-date about schedule changes, posted lecture captures, and more.