YuJa Lecture Capture Supports Every Learner

Karen Butterfield
Karen Butterfield

Lecture Capture Benefits All Students

A shared screen imageLecture capture isn’t just a tool for virtual learning. While it is helpful for students who can’t attend class, all learners can benefit from access to recorded classwork. 

  • Lectures are available on-demand when it’s convenient for students. Lecture capture makes content accessible to students no matter where or when they choose to learn. 
  • Students have the ability to download lectures for offline viewing. While many students don’t have issues with getting high-speed internet to stream content, there are large swaths of people in rural areas or who otherwise have limited access to quality internet connections. With YuJa’s Enterprise Video Platform, students can download captured lectures for offline viewing when they may or may not have WiFi or network connectivity. 
  • Lectures can be viewed on any device. Whether students want to view lectures from their Android or Apple phone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer, YuJa offers flexible viewing on any device and dynamic storage solutions.
  • Reviewing content is easier than ever. Because videos are saved and archived in a central video repository, students can easily go back and review lectures to gain clarity on a topic or study for a test. 

Tips for Instructors to Support Students With Lecture Capture

Instructors also can use lecture capture to help students learn more effectively.

  • Concepts no longer have to be theoretical. Instructors can use the Personal Capture tool to make the world their classroom, recording videos when and where they make sense for students to learn. 
  • Increase learning potential for students with disabilities. While compliance is always a concern, expand accessibility for all students by taking advantage of tools like auto-captioning with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) or external human captioning services.
  • Boost engagement through the creation of higher value content. Implement in-video quizzing to quickly assess if students are grasping the material and to allow students to apply their learning right away. Encourage collaboration through chats, dynamic discussions and group projects. 

YuJa Lecture Capture provides students an opportunity to engage with the classroom in a way that fits their needs and enables students who are unable to attend class the same opportunities as those who were there. Whether learning is taking place in a brick-and-mortar classroom, a hybrid class or an online-only class setting, students are able to benefit from the technology offered by YuJa, which is compatible with all major Learning Management Systems.

About YuJa

YuJa is a leader in ed-tech solutions. Our platforms provide organizations of all sizes with the tools to educate, engage, inspire and collaborate. We serve learning organizations of all sizes, within all sectors, including higher-ed, K-12, government, healthcare, non-profit and corporate delivering engaging video experiences. We have legal headquarters in Delaware with primary U.S. offices in Silicon Valley, California and Canadian offices in Toronto.

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