LTI Compliance allows you to make YuJa accessible to all of your students and their devices.

LTI Compliance allows you to make YuJa accessible to all of your students and their devices.

Maximize the effectiveness of lecture capture technology by choosing a lecture capture system that fully integrates into your campus learning management system or LMS. LTI stands for Learning Tools Interoperability and is a set of specifications designed to make it simpler to bring technology to your faculty and students.  Learning tools interoperability allows third party tools to communicate with and work within the structure of a complaint LMS, without the addition of special applications. LTI integration simplifies the process of faculty lecture capture integration, as well as student access to lecture capture files.  LTI compliance increases the value of your investment in classroom technology, both in terms of your LMS and your lecture capture technology. YuJa is fully LTI compliant, making installation and access simple for users.

How Does YuJa Integrate with Your LMS?

YuJa relies upon LMS integration modules designed for common and widely used learning management systems. For instance, for the well-known Blackboard Learn, you can use the YuJa Building Block to connect YuJa to your Blackboard LMS. Since YuJa is LTI compliant, it meets the necessary specifications to integrate with other compliant LMS systems without specifically designed technology. Essentially, LTI compliant lecture capture makes lecture capture technology accessible and available through the LMS your faculty and students already know and use. The installation process is surprisingly easy! Each LMS allows you to allow LTI tool providers; YuJa is an LTI tool provider. You’ll input YuJa’s provider domain, as well as a tool provider key and tool provider secret. This information will be provided by your YuJa support representative. Since YuJa is fully LTI compliant, there’s minimal employee time required to complete full LMS integration. Integrating YuJa into your LMS is a task for your IT department, but once it is in place, faculty can easily make YuJa available to students directly through the LMS. LTI integration makes the use of lecture capture technology seamless, both for instructors initiating capture in their classrooms and students who need to view lecture capture videos. Instructors simply need to make the YuJa tool available to their students through the course console. YuJa will then be available to instructors and students through the course menu. linkyuja

What LTI Compliance Offers

LTI compliance makes it simple to access the features of YuJa, but offers a number of other advantages to users of both your LMS and YuJa.
  • Integrate student information, including access rights, directly into YuJa from your LMS.
  • Single sign on to the LMS and YuJa.
  • Information from the LMS automatically transfers to YuJa, making set up simple.
  • Create seamless access to lecture capture video.
  • Offer instructors multiple lecture capture options, including the YuJa appliance, YuJa software interface and YuJa web capture available through the familiar LMS.