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Lecture Capture Hardware Appliance

YuJa offers purpose-built appliances for media capture and encoding. We offer 1U rack-mountable units that enable deep-room integration with existing room peripherals.

Place a YuJa Hardware Hub in your rooms to enable simultaneous lecture capture and live streaming of multi-source content. The YuJa Hardware Hub integrates with existing peripherals for high-fidelity audio and video recording.

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Room Capture

Full Automation

Watch Anywhere

Cloud Powered

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Pro Capture Recording Portfolio

Pro Capture Cloud Lecture Capture Software Hardware Appliance In-Browser Capture Mobile & Tablet Capture Live Streaming
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Complete Automation

Fully-Automated, End-to-End Video Capture and Distribution Workflow

  1. Track all classroom devices, software, and appliances
  2. Remotely schedule, start, and pre-schedule devices
  3. Monitor active rooms and remotely manage devices
  4. Automatically publish and distribute content
A user-friendly interface to manage and monitor devices efficiently.
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Fleet Management

Enhanced Fleet Management and Remote Administration Capabilities

The Devices Panel provides a unified view of Hardware Hub units and classroom-installed Software Capture application including capabilities to remotely create custom profiles, update configurations, and adjust bitrate and recording settings.

Room Integration

Integrate With All Existing Room and Audio-Visual Equipment

The YuJa appliance ecosystem is based on open standards for video encoding, distribution, room touchpanels and recording devices. This ensures that the YuJa Hardware Hub is compatible with a broad set of existing peripherals and devices.

Hardware Hub

The YuJa appliance ecosystem is based on open standards for video encoding, distribution, room touchpanels and recording devices.

Video Camera and Sources

The YuJa Hardware Hub is compatible with virtually all video sources including HDMI, SDI, HD-SDI, DVI and more.

Room Microphone

The YuJa Hardware Hub can capture audio from RCA line-level, USB, HDMI Audio, and SDI Audio.

Audio Mixers

The YuJa Hardware Hub can be used in conjuction with most major audio mixers including AMX, Yamaha, and Behringer.

Classroom Touchpanels

The YuJa Hardware Hub integrates via RS232 with most major classroom touchpanels including AMX and Crestron.

Scheduling Systems

The YuJa Hardware Hub can receive scheduling inputs via interactive UI, XML, API, Scientia, and Ad Astra.

In-room Visual Indicator

The YuJa Hardware Hub is compatible with most models of Delcom status indicators.

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University of California, Riverside

YuJa has improved the learning experience for instructors and students with ready access tools and by providing a user-friendly platform that facilitates the development of video content.

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Media Engagement

Engage Viewers in an Interactive Media Experience


Record multiple videos, audio, and screen sources


Webcast to any desktop, mobile phones and tablets


Integrate into existing room systems


Connect on-air visual indicator lights


Frame rate and resolution customizability


Perfect for high-volume recording spaces

Preview of sources connected to the Hardware Hub.

Real-Time Preview

A Real-Time Local Source Preview is Available for In-Room Monitoring

A local preview of sources connected to the Hardware Hub enables real-time source monitoring. View a preview of available screen and webcam sources by connecting a display to the Hardware Hub’s HDMI output.

Hub profiles dialog.

Multi-Device Profiles

Create Multiple Recording Source Profiles for Different Event Types

With remote Device Profile Management tools, Administrators can define their room types and configure recording templates for various event types. Recording profiles can be associated with both ad-hoc and automated recording events.

Real-Time Status Monitoring

Real-Time Hardware Control Interface Capability

The Hardware Hub enables Administrators to connect external, real-time status monitoring equipment such as Puck Lights. The Hardware Hub also includes capabilities to define customized rules for recording sessions via touchpanels, including interfacing with RS232 commands.

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Automated Room Scheduling and Recording screenshot.

Automated Scheduling

Automated Room Scheduling and Recording

Both YuJa’s hardware capture appliance and desktop-based software capture solution integrate remote management capabilities that include automated recording, remote-start, and remote monitoring facilities.

End-to-End Media Capture

End-to-End Media Capture and Delivery Platform

  1. Capture & Broadcast

    • Personal & Mobile Capture
    • Automated Room Capture
    • Meeting & Conference Capture
    • Events & Live Streaming
  2. Transform & Manage

    • Transcode
    • Organize
    • Auto-caption
    • Search
    • Analyze
    • Secure
  3. Share & Watch

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Smart Classrooms

Deploy Fully Automated Smart Classrooms

Hardware Appliance Capture and Streaming

  • Video inputs include: VGA, DVI, HDMI, SDI, HD-SDI, Component Video, S-Video, and more
  • Audio inputs include: 3.5mm, RCA Line-Level, and USB peripherals

Affordable Rack-Mountable Unit Manufactured by YuJa

  • Use cases include lecture halls, auditoriums, training rooms, and mobile carts
  • Fully managed with enterprise support, over-the-wire product updates, maintenance, and warranty plan

To learn more about our Enterprise Video Platform’s Lecture Capture Appliance, call us at 1-888-257-2278

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