Video streaming is an essential part of higher education today. Your students are already used to accessing video online–there are some 13 hours of YouTube uploads every minute of every day! Video transfers represent more than 50 percent of total data use today; making video content as accessible as possible helps to guarantee engaged and active learners.

Students rely on video streaming for lecture captures, video study sessions, and additional educational enrichment. Streaming video in the LMS makes it simple for students to access video learning in a format they already know and use.  YuJa uses LTI integration to merge YuJa’s video learning into your LMS seamlessly, whether you use BlackBoard, Moodle, or another LMS system. Students can access YuJa from the classroom page in the LMS, and make use of all YuJa features directly from their logged-in LMS page.  With full LMS integration, instructors are more likely to embrace lecture capture and video learning options.

YuJa offers seamless integration with virtually all Learning Management Systems including:

  • Blackboard
  • Canvas
  • Brightspace
  • Moodle
  • Sakai
  • Jenzebar

Ease of Access

From the LMS, students can select the class, then click on YuJa. They do not need to go to a separate site or manage multiple logins. For students who are less tech-savvy, this means that they can stream video content while mastering only one system–your LMS.  Accessing streaming video in the LMS maximizes convenience for all of your students, encouraging them to keep up on course video content. Instructors can record and upload their lecture captures seamlessly.

Smooth Streaming

Streaming video in your LMS relies upon YuJa’s own software and YuJa’s Cloud-based storage system. This offers several advantages for both viewers and the institution.

  • YuJa provides a smooth, high-definition streaming experience for students watching lecture captures and other video content. Students don’t have to worry about being frustrated by inadequate bandwidth or poorly functioning video.
  • Students will not experience stalling or buffering while watching lecture captures and other video content. Today’s students are used to streaming Netflix on demand–with YuJa you can match that quality experience.
  • Both bandwidth and storage on school servers is freed up, since all content is streamed on your LMS from the YuJa Cloud. This reduces equipment and costs for the institution.
  • Students and instructors can be assured of reliable access to video content with 24 hour technical support keeping the YuJa Cloud online and available.