Benefits of Managing Video Content with YuJa’s Video CMS

Karen Butterfield
Karen Butterfield

Maximize Effectiveness with YuJa’s Video Content Management System 


Managing video content is essential to maximizing its effectiveness and accessibility. Video files are large, which makes them inherently difficult both to keep organized and to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. 

Basic file management systems are inadequate for video content because they’re not designed to handle large files individually or in bulk. To best manage media, you need a system specifically designed for video content management, like YuJa’s Enterprise Video CMS.

The Video CMS allows you to integrate all of your digital information through a single, easy-to-use interface, as well as:

  • Upload content to the YuJa Cloud and store it in a stable, expandable and secure online storage facility.
  • Convert, transcode and format video files for accessible viewing. With YuJa, videos are watchable through the YuJa media console, or can be embedded into your web site.
  • Organize and manage video files using metatags to identify files for easier retrieval.
  • Auto-caption videos for increased accessibility and access to text transcripts.
  • Secure and protect your digital content. Access is limited to only approved individuals.

Simplify Video Management

With YuJa’s Video CMS: 

Publish — Content can be seamlessly published to secure course-level channels.

Store — Content can be stored, organized and viewed within your LMS with LTI-based integration.

Secure — Content can be secured with location security, network restrictions and password protection.

Students Also Benefit from an Easily Accessible Video CMS

Students increasingly expect access to lecture captures, instructional videos, student-recorded videos and other media content created in the course of teaching and learning. Many have expressed a preference for video learning because it’s adaptable, meeting the needs of both visual and auditory learners, and it can maximize students’ ability to learn, review and retain material. Students benefit from well-organized video content management in a number of ways.

  • The YuJa Cloud provides secure, redundant and reliable access to course video content for students. With near-perfect uptime, students can access their course materials 24/7 without delay.
  • Effective conversion procedures and mobile compatibility mean that students can watch videos from a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, accessing all of the YuJa Video Platform’s features.
  • Auto-captioning makes videos fully searchable. Students can easily find answers to their questions in the course videos.
  • Lecture captures and external videos are stored in one accessible location. Students don’t have to question where to find videos, keep links to videos, or worry about whether they have missed an important video.

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