How YuJa Cloud Storage Meets Institutional Needs

Lisa Ramirez
Lisa Ramirez
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YuJa Meets Institutional Needs

Video and media storage is a growing challenge for institutions of all sizes. Maintaining adequate on-site storage can be costly and challenging. The YuJa Cloud is a built-in, cloud-based storage that’s expandable, accessible, and works with existing tools and learning management systems.

  • student with laptops in a lecture hallElastic Architecture Facilitates Growth: The YuJa Cloud can grow with your institution’s media library, without the need for additional hardware or IT personnel.
  • Security is a Priority: The YuJa Cloud is highly stable, fault-tolerant and secure, with multiple attestations and certifications. YuJa’s Video Platform is even certified as HIPAA compliant, ensuring even protected health information can be transmitted.
  • The YuJa Cloud is Accessible Anywhere: Media content stored on the YuJa Cloud is accessible from anywhere, via a computer or mobile device. Administrators, instructors and students can easily adapt to accessing and using the YuJa Cloud for media storage.
  • Integrations Make Importing Simple: The YuJa Cloud can be fully integrated with your LMS using LTI. YuJa also provides other, separate integrations, such as the Zoom Connector, which automatically imports Zoom recordings into the Video Platform without manual downloading or uploading.

To help institutions manage large workloads, identify compliance issues and create data retention policies, YuJa offers Himalayas for Enterprise Archiving, which is built in the cloud and meets SOC-2 Compliance standards.


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