The Value of Zoom Integration with the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform to Manage Zoom Recordings

Isaac Kingsmith
Isaac Kingsmith

The Value of Zoom Integration with the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform to Manage Zoom Recordings

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform is an all-in-one video experience designed to securely create, manage, and share video content across any device. Zoom Connector for syncing meeting recordings enables automated upload of video conferences held and recorded through the Zoom platform.

Normally, recorded meetings are saved to be disseminated among colleagues, replayed, or stored for reference. As teams continue to work remotely around coronavirus-related developments, the number of recorded meetings are expected to rise. However, due to large file sizes, the process of sharing a meeting recording is unlike that of sharing a regular email. With limited administrative controls over cloud recordings, this limitation can pose a security risk to sensitive recorded assets.

The Zoom Connector for the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform enables organizations to sync their Zoom meetings recordings into their secure, cloud-hosted YuJa system. With the inclusion of permission settings, Zoom recordings can be disseminated securely and viewed across any device. Sync-ed recordings are also automatically captioned and indexed for improved search-inside-video capabilities.

Zoom Integration with the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform allows for:

  • Import Recordings – Import Zoom recordings as playable videos
  • Share Recordings – Share recordings among faculty, colleagues, classes, or groups.
  • Caption & Tag – Supports auto-captioning, metadata tagging, word-clouds, and more.
  • Multi-faced Search – Ability to search specific recordings by user and data ranges.
  • Auto-Link Accounts – Connect a YuJa user to a Zoom user for automatic import of Zoom recordings.
  • Video Editing – Enable multi-stream, non-destructive editing of content for your user’s most essential video and audio editing workflows.
  • Set Permissions – Grant certain individuals specific access to meetings recordings
  • Engagement Analytics – Access to recording viewing and engagement analytics.

The Zoom Connector for the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform is available for install in the Zoom Marketplace. If you are an administrator looking to integrate with Zoom, this step-by-step guide will provide instructions on how to enable Zoom Integration in the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform. Once you have successfully completed the integration, users can utilize this additional guide on how to access various integration options, manage users, and manage Zoom meetings.

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