What Is Screen Broadcasting?

Simply put, screen broadcasting takes what is on your computer screen and shares it as part of your lecture or web capture. Students can see your screen and watch each step you take, even pausing, rewinding and re-watching as needed to master computer-based skills.

Screen broadcasting is ideal for students in a wide range of disciplines, including:

  • Graphic Design. Show students step-by-step procedures in vector-based and photo-editing software.
  • Computer-assisted Drafting. Illustrate functionality of CAD software and demonstrate necessary actions to complete tasks.
  • Coding. Allow students to read code, then watch the actions produced by the code in a direct sequence.
  • Computer Science. Provide visual demonstrations of various essential tasks and programming operations.

While those fields are a first-choice for screen broadcasting, it also offers significant advantages when training in any type of computer software, in an educational or employment setting.

  • Provide training on new company software without requiring in-person attendance at classes. Employees can watch the training when convenient with screen broadcasting.
  • Campus tutoring or support centers can use screen broadcasting to train students to use the Learning Management System or common software options, like Microsoft Office or Google Docs, Sheets, Slides or Forms.

Rather than having to explain or use screenshots to illustrate actions, students have the opportunity to watch you perform those actions on your own computer in a step-by-step fashion. This is also an ideal choice for a flipped classroom–students can see what they’ll be doing before they do it in class!

Screen Broadcasting Options

YuJa offers several distinct and helpful options for screen broadcasting.

Local Capture Settings

  1. Screen broadcasting is a choice available on the local capture profile settings in the YuJa Software Station. The Software Station can be used alone, or in combination with the YuJa Appliance.  The slider next to Capture the computer screen? above turns screen broadcasting on or off.  The Advanced Settings option below allows you to choose to display a single screen, or to display content from a dual-monitor system.
  2. Access screen broadcasting through the YuJa Web Capture option available on the YuJa site. Simply select Desktop Screen in the dropdown box, and your screen will be included as part of your YuJa Web Capture. The YuJa Web Capture doesn’t require any additional software, and is accessible from any Windows-based PC.