womanYuJa enables enterprise video within educational institutions and corporations, however the non-profit sector has an equal, or perhaps even more significant need, for effective, practical and affordable tools for collaboration. Depending upon the needs of your non-profit, you can maximize the potential of YuJa to reduce administrative, travel and training costs and increase accessibility and education.
  • For non-profits working without dedicated space, HD video meetings allow team members to join in from their own homes or private offices. This can save commute time and reduce the need to find meeting space while preserving the value of face-to-face interactions. It can also allow volunteers who cannot be physically present to participate in meetings.
  • Using video podcasting, you can create easy-to-understand videos to train team members or volunteers. This enables you to offer a consistent message and support the image of your non-profit without adding costs. For volunteers, it’s a convenient way to fit training into their schedules. Use video quiz tools to make certain they’ve watched if need be!
  • Multimedia discussion features and group text messaging help members to stay in touch and stay organized. Often, when managing groups of volunteers, spreading and disseminating accurate information is a challenge. It’s not with YuJa–simply have new volunteers join your group and everyone will be on the same page, consistently.
  • National and international organizations can bring together volunteers, employees, and members in video meetings, collaborative teams, and the multimedia discussion forums. The more involved and integrated volunteers and members feel in your organization, the more effective and dedicated they will be to the organization.
YuJa offers an easy, well-organized and practically designed tool for not-for-profit organizations. Many groups, whether small and local or larger and distributed over a bigger area rely upon social media tools that simply do not meet their organizational needs. With YuJa, you can effectively make the best use of your employees’ and volunteers’ time an efforts.