DeVry’s DV X group is based in Chicago’s 1871. YuJa will be working with DV X Labs to improve student engagement and retention at DeVry Group.

Here at YuJa, we are excited to announce a new partnership with the DeVry University Group’s research and development department, DV X Labs. DeVry’s DV X Labs is working to support new educational technologies, like the “connected classroom” experience offered by YuJa.

According to YuJa’s Nathan Arora, “YuJa and DeVry will be working collaboratively to offer more flexible blended and online learning options for their students.” The collaborative project is housed in Chicago’s exciting space for technology entrepreneurs, 1871.

The use of YuJa’s “connected classroom” features, such as lecture capture, live course live streaming, social learning and video collaboration provides new opportunities for students and faculty. These technologies help to unite the brick-and-mortar classroom and online learning, increase student engagement and improve student outcomes. Now, DeVry University faculty, staff and students will have the opportunity to benefit from the technological support YuJa offers.

In a few months, you’ll find a feature on the blog letting you sneak a peek at our activities at 1871 and learn more about what’s happening with this collaboration between YuJa and the DeVry University Group.