Case Study: How Northshore Technical Community College Increased Accessibility of Course Content by More Than 30 Percent with YuJa Panorama Digital Accessibility Platform

The Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS) is comprised of 12 institutions that serve more than 150,000 students statewide, including Northshore Technical Community College (NTCC). LCTCS is charged with purchasing technology for all colleges in the system.

To get the most out of educational technology, learning coordinators across the state meet weekly to discuss strategies. “A number of us were concerned about our accessibility within Canvas,” said Amanda Jacob, Director of Online Learning at NTCC, adding that one of the members of our learning group had started reviewing the YuJa Panorama Digital Accessibility Platform.

Before implementing YuJa Panorama, the institution scored at 62% for overall accessibility. “What getting this baseline did was force my faculty to reckon with the fact that they were not as comfortable with accessibility as I thought they were,” Jacob said.

Through a targeted approach, faculty worked up to 75% within the first six months, and the number of complaints to the Department of Online Learning dropped dramatically. The next target was set at 85%. “What we noticed is our faculty started thinking differently about what they chose and they started making better choices about ancillary materials. And so they started thinking about accessibility on the front end instead of the aftermath,” Jacob stated.

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Case Study: How YuJa Panorama Streamlines and Improves Digital Accessibility at South Louisiana Community College

When Dr. Maia Smith, Associate Director of e-Learning at SLCC, began in her role at the college, one of the first tasks she took on was auditing courses against the Quality Matters Higher Ed Course Design Rubric. “I knew digital accessibility was an important part of that and I focused heavily on making improvements,” Smith stated.

She has regular contact with other e-learning coordinators and leaders across LCTCS, who told her about YuJa Panorama Digital Accessibility Platform. “I didn’t have to make a case to our administration about why YuJa Panorama was such a great product. LCTCS did that work for us,” Smith said.

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Case Study: YuJa Video Platform and Panorama Digital Accessibility Platform Are a ‘Game Changer’ at Saint Francis University

When the administration at Saint Francis University needed a video solution to be used for teaching and learning, it asked the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) to help evaluate tools. At that time, the university did not have an institution-wide tool for recording and distributing video to students. 

“In 2020 we saw an increased usage in videos by both faculty and students, and we were really looking for a tool that offered options for recording and video storage, and then an important component to us was a video tool that had closed captioning and automatic captioning,” said Briana Keith, Assistant Dean of Academic Quality, Assessment, and Compliance. “We discovered YuJa in our search and the Video Platform stood out because it had the features we were looking for and additional features that went above and beyond, like the option to edit videos, add video quizzes to instructional videos instructors were providing for their courses, and more.”

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Case Study: How a Top UK University, Anglia Ruskin University, Made the Switch to YuJa to Serve Students Across Five Campuses With a Comprehensive Video Platform

Anglia Ruskin has thousands of instructors at its campuses. The institution wanted an easy-to-use platform that integrates with both the Canvas Learning Management System and Microsoft Teams, and that enables both students and instructors to create, distribute, submit, and assess media content.

When it was time to reevaluate Anglia Ruskin’s media offering, Jason Williams, a media specialist at Anglia Learning and Teaching, Abbeygate House, ARU, was part of the group that went to tender and tested video platforms. “I’d seen YuJa before and was very impressed with it,” Williams said. “We thoroughly tested everything and YuJa came out on top with the most tools that fit the things we wanted.”

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Case Study: Chatham University Makes the Switch to YuJa’s Comprehensive Video Platform for Ease of Use, Robust Capabilities and Ongoing Support

Lauren Panton, Director, Instructional Technology and Teaching Development at Chatham University was at a conference when she learned about YuJa’s suite of ed-tech products.

She was particularly interested in the Enterprise Video Platform, an all-in-one, cloud-hosted solution that enables institutions to securely create, manage, and distribute video and other media content. “I was impressed with the product and customer service experience,” Panton said, and when the university was looking for an alternative video platform, “we were really pleased with how the software product has grown, features have expanded, and the ease of use. We were excited about a lot of the functionalities that did not exist with our existing vendor.”

Chatham University had been using its former video platform for over a decade, but administrators were unhappy with changes to the license and model, features, and support.

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Case Study: Bronx Community College – Deploying a Video Platform to Meet Current and Future Instructional Needs

Bronx Community College is a forward thinking college, but when it came to technology to record and host videos, its former in-house server and labor intensive programs were no longer meeting the college’s needs. In fact, the legacy program the college used didn’t have a user interface where faculty or students could log in. It was inefficient and cumbersome for all parties, which is why the college knew it needed to invest in a more robust solution that could not only act as a video repository, but that could streamline processes and workflows for students and staff.

Albert Robinson, Associate Director of the Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology at Bronx Community College, said he knew the perfect solution existed, and further, he knew there were other colleges in the CUNY system that had gone through the process and were pleased with their results. “I reached out to my colleagues in the CUNY community and was connected to YuJa through a Lehman College contact,” Robinson recalled. “An account executive at YuJa actually gave us a demonstration, and right away we could see the ease of use.”

Several years into using the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform, the college still uses it as its main video repository. Additionally, all training, events, and guest speakers are recorded and posted to the Video Platform.

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Case Study: How Parkland College Creates a Connected, Engaging Learning Environment for its 20,000 Students With the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform

Lori Wendt, an instructional technology specialist at the institution, led the charge to find a new ed-tech solution.

Wendt has a unique perspective both on what instructors want and need, as in addition to her technology role, she has been a part-time faculty member for more than 15 years.

“I’ve had the opportunity to use a lot of tools over the years, and I can relate to how faculty use technology,” she said, adding that accessibility features like auto-captioning have become increasingly important.

As the institution evaluated tools, YuJa stood out. “YuJa had all the key features we were looking for,” Wendt said.

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Case Study: How Texas State Technical College Leverages the YuJa Video Platform’s Robust Features to Improve the Educational Experience Campuswide

Texas State Technical College is a coeducational two-year institution of higher education offering courses of study in technical vocational education. Texas State Technical College contributes to the educational and economic development of the state of Texas by offering occupationally-oriented programs with supporting academic coursework, emphasizing highly specialized advanced and emerging technical and vocational areas for certificates or associate degrees.

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Case Study: SUNY Corning Community College Leverages the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform for Instruction and Other Uses Across its Campus

One of the community colleges in the State University of New York (SUNY) system, Corning Community College is a public community college in Corning, New York. It was initiated in 1957 and moved to its Spencer Hill campus in 1963. This two-year college serves three counties: Steuben, Chemung, and Schuyler.

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Case Study: YuJa Panorama Has Proved to be an Invaluable Accessibility Tool at River Parishes Community College

One thing that stood out, McCrary said, was that instructors wanted to provide accessibility for students beyond the built-in tools available in the learning management system.

“We have a tight-knit community within the Louisiana Community and Technical College System, and through a contact at Delgado Community College, we learned about YuJa Panorama,” McCrary said. “What really struck me was how we could easily reach the goals we wanted to for our students.”

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