Location, Price, and Major: Three College Factors Important to Me

by Christian Parham

Searching for a college is never easy. There are so many factions to consider, and after contemplating I have decided that location, price, and their programs available for my major are the most important to me. Location is extremely important to me because I would love to live in Southern California, but not super far away from home so I can visit. Because I still want to be kind of close near to home, it causes me to look at schools specifically in my state, California. Once I find a school that I’m interested in, the next factor for me to hone in on is price. Although I have applied for  scholarships and will be completing the FAFSA with my parents,this does not guarantee I’ll receive an affordable college education. For my parents sake and my own, I will have to strongly evaluate the quality of the education I’ll be receiving and if it is truly worth the price. With many students graduating college with $30,000 in student loan debt, it is an important factor to look into early while there’s still time. Finally, I will also be considering what programs are available for the major I hope to pursue. I hope to major in political science and minor in either journalism or psychology. While all of these majors are available at many colleges, this doesn’t mean that your education in certain colleges will be the best. Because I plan to work in these fields when I graduate, it’s important that I get an education that prepares me for what I’ll encounter in these job fields daily. If I am not equipped with knowledge and real world skills I can apply to my job after I leave college, then what is the point of going? If I focus on location, price, and programs for my major while deciding on the colleges I’m interested in, then I hopefully will be able to find a school that I truly love.

Name: Christian Parham
School: Franklin High School
Tell us about yourself.

  1. I am 17 year old senior in high school who lives in California. I enjoy politics and reading. I have one younger sister who is 15. In my spare time, I work with little children and teach them the basics of peewee soccer. I also teach children’s bible classes at my church, and am very active in my community through a leadership program my city sponsors. I love watching history documentaries as well.
  2. My best experience so far in high school has been being involved in programs like Link Crew and Leadership. Link Crew provides incoming freshmen with 2 upperclassmen mentors, and the mentors help guide them through their first year of high school. Being a mentor to underclassmen has been such a fun experience and I’m grateful I got to have a profound impact on their lives. Leadership is a great way for me to get to know other people in my grade, and make sure I stay involved in all our schools various events.
  3. The major that I plan to pursue is political science. Due to this election season, I became very interested in the many intricacies of politics. Also, I love history, and politics fits hand in hand with it. You can learn from others policy mistakes, find out what doesn’t work, and avoid scandals and mistakes within your own campaign.
  4. In five years, I plan to be graduated from college with a major in political science and a minor in journalism. Hopefully, I will find a job as either a politician or working in political journalism. If I want to continue my schooling beyond undergrad, then I will go to law school to become a lawyer.
  5. I hope to learn skills that will benefit me in my future career, whatever it may be. An example of some skills I’d like to learn is how to effectively communicate what I want to others, and be more assertive with in my beliefs. I’d also like to develop my critical thinking skills to stay competitive in this rapidly advancing world.
  6. Some extracurricular activities I enjoy are writing. I currently write for a teen magazine called us. I also like being involved in the several leadership groups and helping freshmen acclimate to high school. I tutor almost daily after school in any subject, which has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Teaching Children’s bible classes has also been great.