YuJa to Present Panorama Digital Accessibility Platform at EDUCAUSE Demo Day

Lee Yeh
Lee Yeh
Educause Demo Day flier

“When we adopt digital accessibility methods, we create more equitable experiences for more of our learners,” said Thomas J. Tobin, Senior Teaching and Learning Developer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on the Demo Day website. “This isn’t just an ethical imperative, either. Learners who experience a sense of voice, choice, agency, belonging and safety are five times more likely to continue their educational journeys with us.” 

Digital accessibility is the process of making a site, application, or software program compatible with assistive technology that helps people with disabilities access, understand, and use digital products. YuJa Panorama integrates seamlessly into all major learning management system (LMS) products to improve the accessibility of digital media and course content. A man speaking in a Call to action Graphic for Educause

The platform automatically generates accessible versions of all uploaded documents, provides users with customized website accessibility profiles that can be applied to any webpage, and identifies, prioritizes and automates the resolution of accessibility issues with on-the-spot remediation capabilities. This session will highlight these and more features to a diverse audience from colleges and universities worldwide. 

Attendees will be able to see the latest accessibility features, ask questions to YuJa experts, and learn best practices for implementing an accessible video platform from peer institutions.

About EDUCAUSE’s Demo Day

The EDUCAUSE Demo Day showcases digital accessibility solutions through rapid 45-minute online sessions by corporate providers. The goal is to help higher education professionals evaluate tools to improve inclusion and accessibility on their campuses.

EDUCAUSE is committed to hosting welcoming and accessible virtual events, providing live captioning, transcripts, and other accommodations to make the entire event experience inclusive for all participants. If you can’t attend the event but register, you will receive access to demo recordings to view on your own for 90 days after the event.  Learn more or register.

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