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Government video solutions that meet regulatory and compliance requirements for federal, state and local municipalities

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Integrated Government Video Platform

Integrated Video Platform

Integrated Video Platform for Governmental Organizations

YuJa offers a Government Video Platform that meets the needs of local governments, state-wide systems, and federal agencies. Whether you’re looking to onboard government staff and licensed contractors, record local city council meetings or offering scalable live streaming of special events, the YuJa Enterprise Video provides an all-in-one video solution. Our solutions meet Section 508, WCAG 2.1, VPAT and GPAT requirements to ensure a compliant video solution deployment.

Video Hosting
Recording Solutions
Live Streaming

Share Knowledge Efficiently

Video Solutions to Share Knowledge Efficiently

YuJa offers highly-available and scalable solutions to meet all key governmental workflows. Here are some of the ways the solution is used:

Legislative Recording
Live Streaming Community Events
Employee and Contractor On-Boarding
Video Content Management
GovernmentTube Portals
SharePoint Video Integration
Secure Sharing and Video Distribution
Document and Workflow Integration
Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General
Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General

Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General

The Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General is the Cabinet ministry responsible for providing legal advice and overseeing provincial law enforcement the government of Alberta, Canada. Procurement of the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform provides a scalable and secure media management solution to safely disseminate training videos across its law enforcement academy.

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Video Recording

Video Capture and Recording Tools

Governmental organizations of all sizes now have efficient and affordable video tools to record, live stream, store, distribute and analyze content. We offer both software-based and hardware-based capture solutions that can be fully automated or deployed for ad-hoc recording scenarios.

Video Content and Digital Asset Management

Video and Digital Asset Management

Video Content and Digital Asset Management

Public meeting and events to your website that are accessible on your site, stored privately or shared internally within a secure portal. All videos are hosted and streamed using our enterprise-grade Enterprise Video Platform. This includes an advanced Content Distribution Network (CDN) to provide highly available and scalable on-demand viewing capabilities for all users.

Upload Assets
Organize Media
Media Search
Mobile Ready
Secure Sharing and Content Distribution

Secure Sharing

Secure Sharing and Content Distribution

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform provides extensive digital rights management, watermarking, and secure sharing functionality. This ensures that propriety content remains under the control and administration of the government entity, while at the same time enabling specific sharing workflows.


Scalable Live Streaming

Scalable Live Streaming

Scalable Live Streaming For Events and Meetings

Publish and broadcast live events to facilitate efficient government communication and civic engagement with built-in live streaming. Live events can be distributed to thousands of even millions of simultaneous viewers with our unique elastic scaling capabilities.

Are you Preparing a Video RFP for Your Governmental Entity?

Are you Preparing a Video RFP for Your Governmental Entity?

YuJa has extensive experiencing bidding on RFPs and Tenders from governmental entities. To include us on your upcoming RFP, please email Here are some ways we can serve your citizens with effective video solutions:

  1. Government Video Portals RFPs

    Improve knowledge sharing, collaboration and training opportunities with a secure GovernmentTube video portal.

  2. Digital Assets and Video Content

    Create a centralized repository to securely storage, manage and distribution your digital media.

  3. Legislative Event Video Recording

    Record and stream on-demand events with city council meetings, legislative proceedings, and special community events.

RFPs and Tenders from governmental entities

Enterprise-Grade Security

Enterprise-Grade Cloud Data Integrity, Privacy and Security Attested by Third-Party Auditors

Built on a scalable architecture to deliver an outstanding user experience, the entire YuJa Enterprise Video Platform is designed to be an enterprise-grade, globally available, and highly reliable system.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

Unlike legacy vendors who retrofitted their infrastructure to work in the cloud, the entire YuJa platform was built to leverage best-of-breed cloud architectures to improve reliability, delivery, and scalability. This enables organizations to offer affordable video solutions.


Global Delivery

With data center availability around the world, our global infrastructure allows us to scale up and dynamically adjust to changing usage and traffic patterns. This ensures all members of your enterprise have access to video content wherever they go and on any device.

Unmatched Reliability

Unmatched Reliability

Our cloud infrastructure uses a durable video storage platform with 99.999999999% durability of objects. This means near perfect storage reliability with industry-standard checksums and cyclic redundancy checks (CRCs) to ensure impeccable storage and retrieval of data.


Total User Support and Implementation Services

Customer service is included with every deployment license. This includes live, total user customer service, dedicated Account Management staffing and consistent Customer Success support…all backed by our award-winning Product Engineering and Operations team.

Total User Support

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