How Video Learning Facilitates Student Study Strategies

Karen Butterfield
Karen Butterfield
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College student is recorded using cell phone. YuJa allows students to take time-synced notes inside a video to create a personalized index, return to a specific point in the video and search their notes. Students can download their notes and associated slides to create an offline study guide. YuJa also enables interactive video quizzes and assignments, and makes sharing recordings a breeze.

Video Study Strategies for Online Learners

While online learners don’t have face-to-face time with other students or the instructor, they may, depending on the course, have more flexibility with regard to different classroom components, like viewing lectures.

  • Review the course syllabus thoroughly.
  • Make a weekly study plan, setting aside regular times to work on class work.
  • Log into the course at least three times a week.
  • Connect with other students in the class as much as possible.

Using Video Study Skills in the Flipped Classroom

In a flipped classroom, students are provided with in-class time with their instructor and other students. Flipped classroom structures use class time for discussion and activities, moving the lectures online. To get the most out of video learning in the flipped classroom, students should:

    “Video learning can provide an ideal addition to any classroom.”

  • Plan time to watch lectures before each flipped classroom class period.
  • Watch video lectures actively. Make notes of questions as you watch, either on paper or using the Notes tool available in the YuJa Media Viewer.
  • Spend a few minutes organizing your lecture notes and questions before class. In a flipped classroom, you’ll have plenty of time to speak with your instructor.

Maximizing Video Learning to Improve Study Skills in Traditional Classrooms

Video learning can provide an ideal addition to the traditional classroom. In the traditional classroom, video learning tools most often include lecture captures, available after class. Students can:

  • Review lecture captures after class, particularly if you struggle with auditory learning, or you feel your notes are inadequate.
  • Use YuJa’s semantic topic analysis and search features to find answers to questions.
  • Re-watch content to provide additional review or to help improve understanding.

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