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Implementing a Scalable, Accessible and Affordable Enterprise Video Solution at Aiken Technical College










The Need

Aiken Technical College Seeks Scalable, Accessible, and Affordable Video Platform

About Aiken Technical College
Aiken Technical College

Located in Graniteville, South Carolina, Aiken Technical College (ATC) is a comprehensive public institution established to provide citizens of greater Aiken County opportunities for educational and workforce development. ATC offers programs in business, health sciences, information technology, manufacturing, STEM, nuclear, early childhood education and criminal justice, along with general associate of arts and associate of science tracks within the university transfer program.

Recognized among the “Best Online Community Colleges in South Carolina,” in 2020, Aiken Technical College (ATC) is no stranger to enterprise video software. The college, based in Graniteville, SC, began using Lecture Capture tools in 2013 and immediately recognized the benefit, said Kate O’Hara-Goergen, who is part of Instructional Development with the Teaching and Technology Center at ATC.

But like many institutions, college officials found that as it began housing more media combined with the rise in demand for video content, its former vendor quickly became too expensive. ATC officials also were seeking a platform that could expand the college’s accessibility with features like auto-captioning, which automatically generates a word-by-word searchable transcript of media that can quickly and easily be edited with the Video Editor.

“We were already looking for a new video partner, but the pandemic sped up our process exponentially, as we had to shift everything online within a few weeks,” O’Hara-Goergen shared. “It was huge because instructors suddenly had to shift gears.”

The college finished out the Spring 2020 semester with its old system, then spent the summer months deploying the YuJa Enterprise Platform, integrating it with Blackboard 一 the college’s Learning Management System (LMS) 一 and training. Because all courses have a Blackboard course shell, integrating YuJa’s Video Platform with Blackboard made the process simpler and more efficient. Prior to the pan

demic, about one-fourth of classes were completely online and many others were operating with a hybrid model.

Use Cases

Personal Capture Enhances Learning Experience

Creating an interactive classroom experience with Personal Capture has, by far, been the most used video tool ATC has employed.

“One of the biggest improvements YuJa has over our previous system is the ability to launch the platform from the Blackboard course shell,” O’Hara-Goergen explained. “Instead of making a video and only having one link to the area where the links are stored, we can build the video in the best placement for it. Video can go with the content as opposed to having students go somewhere else and come back to the content.” LMS integration ensures a seamless video-inside-LMS experience.

Additionally, O’Hara-Goergen noted that if video content remains the same from semester to semester, the course can be copied straight into the course shell without the addition of other steps. “It simplifies everything for instructors and is overall better for everyone,” she remarked.

Some instructors also use lecture capture to incorporate videos in their classes. Instructors are using lecture capture in collaboration with Blackboard Collaborate, Blackboard’s web-conferencing tool. Videos are then uploaded to YuJa’s Video Platform for editing and captioning.

Ease of Use

YuJa Makes Streamlining Workflows Simple

“One of the biggest improvements YuJa has over any other system is the ability to launch the platform from the Blackboard course shell”

O’Hara-Goergen said instructors have appreciated the built-in editors in the Video Platform, as well as the ability to auto-caption videos. “The YuJa Video Platform has helped us simplify workflows and improve accessibility not just for those who require captions, but for all students. Even students who are not hard of hearing have told us that captioning makes it easier for them to absorb content.”

Bruce McCord, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Teaching and Technology at ATC said instructors have lauded the Video Platform’s efficiency. “We have had instructors praise YuJa’s ease of use,” he said, adding that the it was “very beneficial to our Biology Department in helping them to support student success during the COVID-19 pandemic.” O’Hara-Goergen added that adding videos to courses has been a big benefit for students across the board, adding engagement opportunities and increasing participation in courses.



Aiken Technical College was seeking a scalable, accessible and affordable video partner to serve both students and instructors.


The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform has helped ATC expand accessibility with built-in features like auto-captioning.


Instructors have lauded the Video Platform’s ease of use and how well it works with their LMS.

“Working with YuJa has been a distinct improvement for Aiken Technical College. We have been extremely satisfied not only with the service we’ve been provided, but with the response we’ve received from students and instructors.”

Kate O’Hara-Goergen, Instructional Development at Aiken Technical College

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