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Moves Video Management to the Cloud with YuJa

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A Video Solution Aligned with Canadian Data Sovereignty Requirements

In an effort to reduce costs and continue to provide a robust, scalable solution, Trent University’s Learning Technologies Team compared several video platform solutions to their video platform solution at the time.

Because Canada requires data sovereignty—meaning data is subjected to the laws and governance within the nation it’s collected in—Trent sought a vendor that could support the requirement of storing data within Canada.

However, the main project challenge was that the team at Trent needed assistance moving off their current premise-based solutions, both their current video platform and Learning Management System (LMS), without disrupting the learning process.


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Ontario’s Undergraduate

About the Client

About Trent University

One of Canada’s top universities, Trent University was founded on the ideal of interactive learning that’s personal, purposeful and transformative. Consistently recognized nationally for leadership in teaching. Trent attracts students from across the country and around the world.

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“The support was good, prompt and overall it was a positive experience.”
Students engaged in discussion and learning together online.


A Scalable Cloud-Hosted Video Solution

Gardiner selected YuJa as their cloud-based video platform provider and decided to move their LMS from a premise-based solution to a cloud solution.

During their transition to Blackboard’s cloud, Gardiner and his team were able to leverage the help of YuJa’s Professional Services team to expedite the setup of custom Blackboard modules for their instance.These modules helped the university provide a deeper integration between the two systems.

In addition to providing the cloud-based solution Trent University needed, YuJa provided a lecture capture solution, software stations within classrooms and flipped, classroom-style recording. YuJa was also able to meet data sovereignty requirements by storing data in an AWS data center within Canada. YuJa has also been used to provide Trent University with the ability to automatically schedule recordings and live stream special events, and guest visits from influential Canadian entrepreneurs such as Don Tapscott.

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YuJa aids Trent University in the transition from premise-based solutions to cloud-based


YuJa provides the complete solution needed to engage learners with interactive content


YuJa moves learning to the cloud by utilizing Canada-based data center


Deep Blackboard integration and assistance during the transition to the SaaS-based version of Blackboard

“The support has been good, prompt, and overall, a positive experience. ”

Jeff Gardiner, Instructional Technologist at Trent University

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