Automated Scheduling

Automated Room Scheduling and Recording

Both YuJa’s hardware capture appliance and desktop-based software capture solution integrate remote management capabilities that include automated recording, remote-start, and remote monitoring facilities.

Automated Recording Solutions Trusted By Leading Organizations

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Automated Scheduling

Complete Portfolio of Lecture Capture Tools

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Schedule in Advance

Schedule Room Captures and Live Streams in Advance

Automated recording enables YuJa to capture lectures without any instructor or IT involvement. It’s a hands-off process that runs itself, making lecture capture accessible for every instructor and classroom.

Setup Recording Schedule

Capture and Live Stream Starts

Instructors Can Adjust Schedule

Seamless Publishing in Minutes

A screenshot of the Schedule an Automated Session for Baskin Hall.
Schedule in Advance
Trent University campus.
Trent University logo.

Trent University

To reduce costs and continue to provide a robust, scalable solution, Trent University’s Learning Technologies Team compared several video platform solutions to their video platform solution at the time.

YuJa provided a lecture capture solution, software stations within classrooms and flippedclassroom-style recording. YuJa was also able to meet data sovereignty requirements by storing data in an AWS data center within Canada.

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case study

Screenshot of YuJa Hub Profile.

Multi-Device Profiles

Create Multiple Recording Source Profiles for Different Event Types

With remote Device Profile Management tools, Administrators can define their room types and configure recording templates for various event types. Recording profiles can be associated with both ad-hoc and automated recording events.


Screenshot of YuJa Admin Panel.

Fleet Management

Enhanced Fleet Management and Remote Administration Capabilities

The Devices Panel provides a unified view of Hardware Hub units and classroom-installed Software Capture application including capabilities to remotely create custom profiles, update configurations, and adjust bitrate and recording settings.

Fleet Management

Monitor Automated Session
Screenshot of listed devices in YuJa Admin Panel.

Monitor Automated Sessions

Monitor Automated Sessions Right From Any Web Browser or Smart Device

With YuJa, your IT Teams and A/V staff can monitor the status and activity of remote recordings. Additionally, the Device Status dashboard provides both summary statistics and detailed historical logs to ensure IT staff can effectively monitor the health of all classroom captures.

Monitor Automated Sessions

Benefits of Automated Recording

What Are the Benefits of Automated Recording?

Automated recording and room Scheduling facilitates seamless touch-free lecture capture

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Eliminate Human Error

Eliminate Human Error

Scheduled recordings eliminate the risk of human error. The YuJa software or appliance doesn’t forget to record your lectures!

A man stands before a whiteboard displaying a diagram.

No Tech Expertise

No Tech Expertise

Instructors who may be uncomfortable with technology can use lecture capture without direct involvement – just walk in and present.

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Simple for Instructors

Simple for Instructors

We strongly believe in the value of teamwork. Ensure customer success, and the good will come around. At YuJa, we are open and encouraging to everyone we work with.

A woman using a laptop to display a classroom diagram.

Conforms to Policies

Conforms to Policies

With automated recording, you increase instructor or individual compliance with company or institution-wide recording policies.


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