Classroom Capture

Portfolio of Classroom Capture Tools for Every Environment

The YuJa lecture capture and video CMS tools provide “DVR for the Classroom” capabilities that enable every student to learn at their own pace.

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Complete Portfolio of Lecture Capture Tools

Software Capture Appliance Capture In-Browser Capture Mobile Capture

Classroom Recording

Classroom Recording for Any Classroom and Modality

Our classroom recording portfolio includes appliance-based hardware capture, software capture, as well as in-browser and mobile capture tools.

Institutions can also bring their existing third-party hardware devices and video conference tools – including Zoom, WebEx, Teams, and Blackboard Collaborate -integrate them in the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform

Providing Students with the Right Instructional Tools

Instructional Tools

Providing Students with the Right Instructional Tools

In today’s competitive educational environment, students need the right tools to support their learning processes. Lecture recording is an instructional tools that can be seamlessly integrated into any classroom presentation to provide additional support for all students.

Integrating classroom capture systems into learning environments facilitates student learning, improves student outcomes, and provides students with a higher level of academic satisfaction. Classroom Capture also brings a new versatility to the learning process, for both students and instructors.

Classroom Capture Solutions

Classroom Capture Solutions Tailored to Your Instructional Needs

Software Lecture Capture and Personal Capture

Software Lecture Capture

Desktop Software Lecture Capture and Personal Capture for PC and Apple

A podium computer or personal laptop can be a cost-effective way to lecture capture and live stream. Capture multiple video, audio and screen sources with a powerful desktop software applications for PC and Apple.

Personal Capture
Classroom Recording
Video Training
Flipped Classroom
Powerful Multi-Stream Capture and Live Stream Appliance
Room Capture
Full Automation
Watch Anywhere
Cloud Powered

Powerful Hardware-Based Capture

Powerful Lecture Capture and Live Streaming Appliance Designed for High-Volume Teaching Spaces

Place a YuJa Hardware Hub in your rooms to enable simultaneous lecture capture and live streaming of multi-source content. The YuJa Hardware Hub integrates with existing peripherals for high-fidelity audio and video recording.

North Dakota
North Dakota University System

North Dakota University System

With YuJa, each institution of the NDUS has the toolset and flexibility to brand and create its own unique space according to need. Since adoption and particularly after the pandemic struck in early 2020, YuJa has become an integral part of teaching and learning across the NDUS. Additional considerations included the cost of storing video and making media accessible in Blackboard.

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In-Browser Capture

Bring The Classroom Anywhere with In-Browser Capture

YuJa offers an HTML5-based in-browser capability that allows instructors to create video recordings and distribute rich-media instructional content using just a web browser. With the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform, content creators also have access to a full suite of in-browser video editing capabilities and distribution tools.

Simple Recording
Video and Screen
Student Assignments
Personal Capture
Mobile Capture for Tablets and Smartphones

Mobile Capture

Mobile Capture for Tablets and Smartphones

Our native Apple iOS and Android applications enable lecture capture scenarios outside of the traditional classroom including student-centric capture for field work, practicums and ad-hoc captures.

iOS and Android Apps
Student Assignments
Ad-Hoc Recording
Tablet Video Capture

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Support All Course Models

Classroom Recording to Support All Course Models

Traditional Classroom

Traditional Classroom

Recording classroom lectures facilitate traditional learning. Students can review, study, and engage with course material and recorded lectures after class to increase their comprehension of lecture material and reduce the number of repeated questions.

Blended Learning

Blended Learning

Blended learning incorporates both in-class time and online course activities. In a blended learning environment, classroom recordings offer the ability to flip a portion, or all class lectures, to provide additional learning material.

Online Classes

Online Classes

Though online classes may not take place in a physical classroom, classroom capture can still support online classes. Instructors can use classroom capture systems to launch live streams and publish recorded lectures material.

Classroom Recording Strategies Increase Flexibility While Reducing Overall Costs

Comprehensive Reporting

Near real-time reporting allow you to track student usage of classroom recording technology, as well as, use of the full Platform.

Deep Analytics

Analytics dashboards give insights into student retention, early-intervention needs, and improvements in graduation rates.

Improved Flexibility

Content remains available for re-use across semesters, increasing the overall economic value of classroom instruction.

Reducing Costs

Students expect value for their educational dollar and classroom capture improves both student outcomes and reported satisfaction.

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