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Video Repository

Enterprise Video Cloud and Repository

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform helps enterprises maximize their digital assets by providing a comprehensive Video Content Management Platform (VCMS) to securely store, organize, and access media across platforms.


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Complete Portfolio Of Digital Media Tools

Video Hosting Video Transcoding On-Demand Streaming Live Streaming Mobile Video Search-Inside-Video Video Quizzes

Full-Scale Video Repository

Scale Media Within Your Institution With a Full-Scale Video Repository

YuJa automates the process of converting your video files into easy-to-view formats accessible on a variety of devices.

Screenshot of YuJa Dashboard.
Video player with a woman at conference.


Upload Media


Elastic Transcoding

Compliant Storage

Video Streaming

Full-Scale Video Repository
University of Calgary campus.
University of Calgary logo.

University of Calgary

The YuJa Video Platform has enhanced teaching at the University of Calgary with features such as auto captioning and the addition of different languages to captioning, along with the ability to do simple editing and add indexes or chapters — all of which can help instructors facilitate learning and support diverse learners.

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case study

Video CMS

Video CMS for Digital and Video Asset Storage and Streaming

Store and Stream Securely

YuJa’s video management provides you with secure, cloud-based storage for all of your video content.

Flexible Organization Tools

Media can be organized with metatags, table of contents, and fully searchable auto-captioning.

Enterprise Streaming

Deliver video globally across firewalls with adaptive bitrate streaming

Stream Seamlessly Across Devices

Media is accessible from any desktop or laptop computer, as well as both iOS and Android devices.

Visual Analytics

Track user engagement with detailed analytics capabilities

Brand Customization

Align the experience to match your organization’s brand


Built-in automatic captioning and one-click access to 3rd-party captioning services

Video Quizzes

Create engaging and interactive video quizzes to measure and track retention


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Comprehensive Video Cloud Repository Solution


Manage and Organize Your Digital Media

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform enables your organization to get more value from your digital assets by making them easy to organize, discover and distribute.

Drag-and-Drop Upload

Folders and Channels

Video Search

Mobile Streaming

YuJa Branding Capabilities screenshot.
Screnshot of Configure Media Player Options.

Branding Capabilities

Deep Branding and Customization Capabilities

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform enables your organization to create institution-aligned branding within HTML5 player, login screen and main site, media player capabilities and available buttons.

Screenshot of YuJa's Search-Inside-Video UI.
YuJa Search Media Library UI.


Powerful Search-Inside-Video and Library Search

YuJa creates multi-faceted metadata which enable deep search-inside-video and full video library search. Viewers can quickly find specific concepts within the audio, slides, indexes, comments, and notes .

A man wearing glasses is focused on his laptop.
Graphic or a technology lock.

Secure and Protect

Protect Your Content With Secure Streaming

YuJa secures your videos during both the storage and streaming process to prevent unwanted distributed. Our products are audited and validated by external auditors to ensure they are conformant to industry-standard security standards and requirements.

Control Access

Organize Securely

Control Data

Distribute Securely

A futuristic image showing data being transferred using YuJa.

Transcode Management

Flexible Video Transcode Management Capabilities

Transcodes are automatically generated for all videos uploaded to the Video Platform to provide different video qualities. The Video Platform also provides capabilities to manage and adjust the transcodes available for a particular video.


 North Carolina Virtual Public School logo.

YuJa Case Studies

North Carolina Virtual Public School

“It’s a fairly easy to use tool. We’re a large organization. We have hundreds of teachers… It’s nice to have a tool that is universally easy to use.”

YuJa Case Studies

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YuJa to Present at the 2024 MEEC Member Conference and Vendor Showcase

YuJa to Present at the 2024 MEEC Member Conference and Vendor Showcase
As a vendor at the 2024 MEEC conference, YuJa will highlight its comprehensive suite of EdTech solutions, designed to empower educators and institutions in delivering dynamic, technology-enriched learning experiences. YuJa’s platform offers an all-in-one approach...

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