YuJa’s lecture capture system is simple, efficient and effective. Designed to meet the needs of any size class or lectures on any subject, the YuJa lecture capture tools easily integrate with your existing classroom technology.  Whether you’re using SmartBoard presentations or PowerPoint files, they all become a seamless part of your lecture capture.

Your Choices

YuJa offers three distinct, different and functional options for lecture capture. All three leverage the YuJa cloud for transcoding, streaming and management.

  • The YuJa Hub is a hardware-based solution that easily equips a classroom for ongoing lecture capture. Once installed, the YuJa Hub can capture every lecture in the space.
  • The YuJa Software Station, which can be installed on a laptop or podium computer, offers increased access to lecture capture, as well as versatility. Any computer with the software can be used for lecture or presentation captures, in any space. Instructors can record videos both in and out of the classroom.
  • YuJa Web Capture provides instructors and students with the ability to create lectures on-the-go, with any computer with an internet connection. YuJa Web Capture allows you to share files, access an integrated whiteboard, and invite others to join you in recording a lecture or presentation.

How It Works

Whether you’ve chosen the YuJa Hub or YuJa Software Station, the lecture capture process is easy for instructors. Lecture captures can be scheduled ahead of time, using automated recording, to make the lecture capture process hands-off, or can be started on-demand with the simple push of a button.

Once your recording has begun, your students or employees can tune-in and watch the livestream of your lecture capture on their computers or mobile devices as it happens.

When the recording is complete, the YuJa cloud takes over. Your file is uploaded to the YuJa cloud, where it is auto-captioned for accessibility and searchability. Within minutes, it becomes a part of your Learning Channel, and is ready to watch, access and search.

The Benefits to Keeping It Simple

Students want lecture capture, both for traditional and online learning. Lecture capture provides opportunities for study and review, increased flexibility and enables different learning styles. When you choose a lecture capture provider that offers ease-of-use, practicality, and functionality, instructors will embrace YuJa. Simplifying the lecture capture process will help every instructor to embrace new technology and find their way from the classroom podium to the student’s smartphone.