Author: James Medeiros

Student listening to an assignment on a laptop with headphones

How Text-to-Speech Benefits Learning in Education and Corporate Environments

Text-to-Speech’s Role in Improving Education Integrating text-to-speech technology in educational settings can enhance the learning experience for students of all abilities. By providing auditory alternatives to written materials, TTS benefits students with learning disabilities, visual...

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A man in a suit holding a digital cloud icon from an internet related graphic.

Transforming Digital Media with Cloud-Based Solutions and Applications

Today, institutions, governments, nonprofits, and others in highly-regulated sectors recognize digital media’s power to engage with their communities while showcasing their products and services. However, traditional methods of creating, managing, and sharing media content can...

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An instructor speaking to a classroom.

8 Creative Uses for a Student Response System in Education

While these systems are commonly used for quizzes and polls, there are many creative ways to leverage an SRS to enhance the learning experience. The key to successful implementation lies in thoughtful question design, clear...

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A group of students working together on a project

How to Create a Higher Education Experience Students Want

From in-person learning environments to blended learning and fully remote offerings, the bar for higher education institutions has been raised, and students are now looking for offerings that meet their individual needs. This blog outlines...

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A student taking an online class

Five Interactive Learning Trends to Look Out for This Year

Research shows that interactive learning, such as incorporating video, polls, and interactive presentations, is six times more effective in helping students learn.  This article aims to explore five of the most popular interactive learning trends...

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Top 10 YuJa Blogs 2023

YuJa’s Top 10 Most Read Blogs of 2023

Take a look back at your favorites, catch up on what you missed, and get ready for another year in higher-ed technology insights.  1. How to Record Lecture Videos: Lecture capture solutions have enabled instructors...

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Female using tablet with chalkboard screen for educational use.

8 Ways to Expand Video in Education Using the YuJa Video Platform

Video-based learning helps strengthen the knowledge transfer and makes distance-based learning more comprehensive and accessible to all. Video is effective as a stand-alone educational tool or as a supporting aid, making it an essential part...

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Student sits at a laptop with a bookshelf of books in the background.

Blended Learning vs. Flipped Classroom Models

Blended learning combines both online teaching and instruction with face-to-face, or traditional classroom-based instruction. This can take a number of forms, but in general, students have some control over the place, path, and place of...

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Person wearing headphones using a screen reader with braille output.

Creating Screen-Reader Friendly Resources

Screen readers work by reading aloud text content presented on a screen, and they may be used in combination with other assistive technologies like a screen magnifier. Most screen readers are software-based, and offer a...

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