Students today expect lecture capture availability, whether they are attending a large public university or a small private college. Lecture captures provide increased flexibility, learning options, and study solutions for students at all levels. Opting for a scalable lecture capture solution is an affordable way to begin the process of adopting widespread lecture capture.

Scalable Solutions

Scalable lecture  capture solutions allow you to introduce lecture capture in just a few classes, discussion groups, or classrooms before expanding the technology throughout your campus. YuJa offers a variety of lecture capture options to address an array of institutional needs.

  • YuJa Web Capture allows instructors to create a variety capture recordings with minimal setup or additional equipment.
  • The YuJa Software Station works on any desktop, laptop or podium computer. The Software Station enables full integration of various presentation media.
  • The YuJa Hub is an appliance-based hardware solution for lecture capture. The YuJa Hub is installed in a classroom to facilitate capture of all lectures in the classroom.

Scaling Up

Scalable solutions enable institutions to start small, but also to rapidly increase the scope and scale of lecture capture throughout the campus. There are a number of different ways to begin integrating lecture capture options with YuJa, either on an institution-wide level or a departmental level.

  • An institution could opt to integrate lecture capture technology in courses that already have a significant online component. Students and instructors in this situation are already familiar with online technology and can adapt easily to the use of new lecture tools.
  • A department or institution could introduce lecture capture in larger, freshman level classes before integrating it into smaller classes. These courses already have a minimal personal component, so introducing new technologies may provide students with increased learning opportunities.
  • Lecture capture technology can be deployed to address issues with overcrowding or scheduling challenges by providing the option to broadcast lectures in a secondary space.
  • The YuJa Appliance can be installed in a single classroom or a few classrooms to initialize the use of lecture capture at an institution.

When lecture capture solutions have been successfully deployed on a small scale, they can easily expand to meet the needs of institution-wide lecture capture. The YuJa Cloud expands to meet institutional storage needs, and additional installations of the Software Station or YuJa Hub enable widespread classroom access to lecture capture technology.