YuJa Himalayas

Digital Archiving Platform

Analytics and Reporting

Comprehensive Data Storage Analytics and Reporting

YuJa Himalayas provides an advanced storage analytics and reporting dashboard to facilitate administration and effective storage management for your institution.


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Analytics and Reporting

Our Himalayas Product Tools


Comprehensive Reports

Get In-Depth Insights into Your Institution’s Storage

Within the YuJa Himalayas dashboard, administrators can see comprehensive reports for storage across their institution.

Installed Data Policies

Total Archived Media

Total Archived File Size

Media Archiving

Media Restoring

Storage Tiering Statistics

Archive Storage Use

Storage by Document Type

A screenshot of a storage report.


Screenshot showing various archival jobs and progress of each one.


Track Large Archiving Jobs In One Place

Administrators can see detailed insights into active and scheduled archiving requests in their Job Management dashboard, where they can view key data such as archived/restored files, completed/failed files, and pending files.


NDUS campus.
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North Dakota University System Relies on YuJa

The North Dakota University System is a unified system of higher education governed by the State Board of Higher Education. With YuJa, each institution of the NDUS has the toolset and flexibility to brand and create its own unique space according to need.

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Case Study

YuJa Himalayas Data Management Dashboard

Data Management

See a High-Level Data Management Summary with a High-Level Overview

YuJa Himalayas provides a high-level data management summary with metrics for each data policy. Administrators and data managers can quickly see total size, transcode size, views, exclusions and more for each policy created to help determine the best use of active and cold storage.

Data Management

A book for blind individuals, providing accessible content.

Policy Reports

Recurring Policy Action Reports to Maintain Storage Usage

Administrators can set recurring policies to remove video transcodes at a specified interval. When transcodes are removed, a summary report provides an itemized list of how much storage was removed, which supports efficient monitoring and maintenance of storage and usage.

Policy Reports

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University of Calgary

In this video, Isadora Mok-Kulakova, from the University of Calgary, dives into the features that help make YuJa so special.

Case Study

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YuJa to Present at the 2024 MEEC Member Conference and Vendor Showcase
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