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Leading Edge Data Compliance and Archiving For Higher-Ed Institutions

As the amount of data generated soars, IT departments need innovative ways to navigate data challenges. YuJa Himalayas provides leading edge intelligent compliance solutions to manage, monitor, and archive your institution’s data while meeting legal and compliance requirements.

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Compliance and Archiving Solutions Trusted By Leading Organizations

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Compliance and Archiving

Key Features

Modern Data Management and Compliance for Your Institution

Create a modern data management and compliance strategy that helps your institution manage risk, manage costs, and enhance insights.

Mitigate Risk

Meet regulatory, legal, and corporate requirements with ease.

Manage Costs

Lower storage costs and increase efficiency to add to your bottom line.

Enhance Insights

Gather useful data insights for better understanding and more informed decisions.

Key Features


Intelligent Capture, Data Retention, and Discovery of Digital Communications

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Revolutionize Data Capture

YuJa Himalayas simplifies data capture from all your institution’s enterprise apps, media, and other sources for efficient and comprehensive archiving of valuable insights.

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Effectively Track Data

Compliance and oversight are seamlessly integrated with YuJa Himalayas to facilitate auditing and tracking across your enterprise to ensure the compliance of your data repository with control at your fingertips.

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Leverage the Power of the Cloud

YuJa Himalayas is an innovative data archiving solution that leverages the power of the cloud to enable the efficient archival of large data workloads, identifies compliance issues and enables e-discovery scenarios. Save costs, reduce complexity, and ensure confidence in your workflows.

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Make Informed, Data-Driven Decisions

Identify, locate, and retrieve patterns and insights from your data to gain a better understanding of its contents to uncover meaningful insights that can inform decision-making, strategy development, and problem-solving. YuJa Himalayas’s cloud intelligence uncovers deep data insights, drives down costs, simplifies data workflows and enhances security of your data analytics.

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Automate Your Institution’s Workflows

Harness the power of machine learning to automate your data retention workflows. Create policies that make archival as simple as the click of a button. Streamline workflows, reduce manual errors, enhance efficiency, and allow your organization to focus their human resources on more complex and value-added activities with YuJa Himalayas’s automation capabilities.


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