April 2017 Scholarship Essays

How Physics Taught Me How To Communicate by Archie Smith A wise man once said, “You are only as smart as you can convince people you are.” In a world where anyone can make their thoughts and opinions known to countless people in a matter of seconds courtesy of the internet, the intelligent people of […]

How Video Analytics Impact Learning

Comprehensive media management analytics provide a range of information about storage, bandwidth, video views and use, classes and discussions. While basic video services may provide information about the number of views, an analytics suite provides a range of information to maximize the effectiveness of media content.  Administrative Use of Video Analytics Administrators can access all […]

The Benefits of HTML5-Based Video Delivery

HTML5 offers widespread benefits for developers and users, including video users. While  Flash video players remain available, the HTML5 Player and HTML5 technology brings the best in modern online video technology to users. Even Facebook has adopted HTML5 technology for streaming and on-demand video. Benefits for Institutions While users may see the benefits of HTML5 […]

What Is Scalable Video Transcoding?

Scalable video transcoding converts bits from a network data stream into a picture for the user and conversely translates camera video into a bit stream to transmit across the network. It breaks up video bit streams into bit stream subsets that add layers of quality and resolution to video signals. This maximizes quality at any bandwidth […]

How to Customize your Video Player

To benefit users, video content must be accessible, organized, and should play smoothly and well in a variety of different viewing situations. A customizable video player is an ideal solution for viewers, particularly with multi-stream recordings. The HTML5 Video Player  HTML5 video players offer a number of advantages. They are flexible, adaptable and effective for […]

The Importance of Video Analytics

Video analytics provide a range of essential information about audience responses to your video content. Analytics include reports on total views, but also viewer-by-viewer insights. With video analytics, you can see who watched a video, look at video hotspots, and see how long each viewer spent watching different videos. Using Analytics to Improve Play Rate […]

Using Video in Student Admissions

Creating a vibrant and diverse student community is a goal for every institution; this means engaging with and enticing the best students from around the country, and even around the world. There are traditional ways of reaching students, like mass mailings. Websites and advertising also offer the ability to reach potential students. That said, how […]

Maximizing Access and Delivery with Video Content Management

Institutions and corporations are capturing and recording large amounts of video, from classroom lectures to board meetings to training materials. A video content management system not only stores that video content, but also keeps it organized and accessible. Organizing Video Content Think of a well-organized hard drive. It has folders and subfolders, with a clear […]

Video Content Management Systems: A Complete Video Solution

Video Content Management Systems, abbreviated VCMS, serve three distinct purposes: they store multimedia content, manage and organize that content, and deliver that content to the viewer. Complete Video Content Management Solutions also provide tools for content creation, playback, and analysis. These include: Lecture capture solutions to record and create video content. Batch upload capabilities to […]

Recording City Council Meetings with YuJa

Today, many cities opt to record City Council and other administrative meetings. This provides increases opportunities for community involvement, as well as a full record of everything discussed at the meeting. In order for recordings to benefit the community, they must be: Clear and watchable. Accessible to the public. Organized in a structured way. In […]