UND Professor Presenting

University of North Dakota Improves the Campus Experience: A User Friendly Software Lecture Capture Solution

Broadly speaking, Lecture Capture can be utilized to provide a handful of software and hardware solutions whether you are looking to capture PowerPoint slides, access various webcams, or record multiple screens. For associate professor Rob Stupnisky at the University of North Dakota, Stupnisky found YuJa to be a user-friendly platform for creating lectures that online learners can access 24/7.

“I’m not an ‘IT’ person; I’m not even that ‘techie’ a person,” said Stupnisky. “But I’ve found YuJa to be really easy to work with. And I like how easily it integrates into Blackboard.”


UND Professor Presenting

Image Source: How UND IT improves the campus experience

YuJa Enterprise Video Platform allows users to create and share video-based lecture capture content that can capture multiple videos, audio, and screen sources with a powerful – yet simple – desktop lecture capture software application. As mentioned in the University of North Dakota’s original blog post, Stupnisky placed himself in the shoes of an online student and pictured a student who wanted to establish a real connection with the instructor. By delivering recorded lessons, students can visually see Stupnisky teach are provided a more engaging learning experience. 


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College of DuPage Campus Building

Auto-Captioning Made Easy at College of DuPage

With YuJa auto-captioning, instructors can make video accessible to everyone with integrated auto-captioning, transcription, and integration with external captioning services. For Christine Monnier and the Learning Technologies faculty at College of DuPage, auto-captioning provided a solution to offer accurate captions, translations, and transcripts for students and faculty to maximize content engagement and accessibility. In instances where users have accents, Monnier also demonstrates how to edit existing captions to ensure that your media’s captions are 100% accurate.


Watch the full video here.

YuJa Video Player on Multiple Devices


YuJa auto-captioning is even integrated into all lecture capture technologies, including hardware capturesoftware capture, and in-browser capture solutions. All videos uploaded to the Platform are automatically captioned and transcribed. Captions will also appear within all media players including web, mobile, and tablet applications. With YuJa auto-captioning capabilities, you can ensure that students have access to accessible media for all of your content.


Click here to learn more about YuJa auto-captioning capabilities.




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Austin Peay University's In this TOGETHER banner

YuJa Supports Austin Peay State University: “In This TOGETHER”


Austin Peay University's In this TOGETHER banner


YuJa Supports Austin Peay State University: “In This TOGETHER”

Created within YuJa tools, our partners at Austin Peay State University reached out to their students and faculty with an amazing “In this TOGETHER,” message to express their support during these trying times.


“Students, no matter who you are or where we are, we are here to help you succeed.❤️”




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How a Texas Christian University Biology Instructor Uses YuJa Video Broadcasting to Teach Nursing Students


Texas Christian University (TCU) is a private university located in Fort Worth, Texas. With a student body of approximately 9,725 students – including 8,456 undergraduates and 1,269 graduate students – it is ranked by U.S. News and World Report as a Tier 1 University. TCU boasts 118 undergraduate majors, 56 graduate-level master’s programs, and 21 doctoral programs.

Within the Department of Biology, instructor Stephanie Wallace, uses YuJa’s video broadcasting solution to provide supplemental resources for her students outside of class. Stephanie teaches primarily undergraduate and pre-professional students including nursing, kinesiology and nutrition students enrolled in her Anatomy and Physiology course.

“Students love the YuJa video broadcasts! I go over the  material in lecture but being  abl, e to listen and watch the  video broadcasts until it clicks  for them is great, ” according to Stephanie Wallace, Instructor at Texas Christian University.

 With class sizes of 90-120 students, she needed a solution that enabled her to offer in-depth training and insights on the physiological processes including the respiratory system, digestive system and urinary system. She found that these complex systems can be difficult for students to grasp while in class and equally difficult to recap over email. “Often during class and office hours I find valuable time is spent repeating answers to the same types of questions” said Stephanie.

With YuJa’s video broadcasting and podcasting solution, Stephanie is able to flip her classroom with video content that students are able to use to recap lecture material. “Students love the YuJa video broadcasts! I go over the material in lecture but being able to listen and watch the video broadcasts until it clicks for them is great” said Stephanie.


How a Western University Philosophy Instructor Uses YuJa to Engage Freshman Students

InstructorEducating more than 24,000 students, London, Ontario-based Western University, is a top 10 Canadian University, with notable alumni including business leaders, Rhodes Scholars and Nobel Laureates.

Dr. Kimberley Baltzer-Jaray, a Philosophy instructor at Western University, uses YuJa’s enterprise video platform to engage and interact with her undergraduate students in the freshman philosophy survey course she teaches. “I like the video capture platform because instead of having to pack in three hours of material, I can capture and broadcast my lecture and use part of my class to answer questions.”

In Dr. Baltzer-Jaray’s philosophy course she probes and discourses with her students on some of life’s most fundamental questions including “What is reality?” and “What does it mean to be a good person?”. In doing so, she encourages classroom discussions to spill-over into post-lecture buzz. YuJa’s social learning platform fosters and facilitates these conversations. “I like to use YuJa’s social learning platform to get students talking to each other on projects and discussions,” said Dr. Baltzer-Jaray.

Dr. Baltzer-Jaray also uses the video podcasting and group polling features to gauge student understanding and as a form of course participation. “I’ve found students actually request me to do additional podcasts so that they can use them for exam preparation,” she adds. Video podcasting offers a convenient and practical way to offer additional test preparation for students, without using valuable class time.

In implementing this new technology into her classroom, Dr. Baltzer-Jaray has found it invaluable to have YuJa’s support team on hand to answer technical questions, resolve issues and suggest improvements. She looks forward to using YuJa in future freshman survey courses and also thematic philosophy courses, including Theories of Reality, History of Philosophy, and Women in the History of Philosophy.

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