YuJa Supports Austin Peay State University: “In This TOGETHER”


YuJa Supports Austin Peay State University: “In This TOGETHER”

“Students, no matter who you are or where we are, we are here to help you succeed.❤️”


Auto-Captioning Made Easy at College of DuPage

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YuJa Video Player on Multiple Devices

YuJa auto-captioning is even integrated into all lecture capture technologies, including hardware capturesoftware capture, and in-browser capture solutions. All videos uploaded to the Platform are automatically captioned and transcribed. Captions will also appear within all media players including web, mobile, and tablet applications. With YuJa auto-captioning capabilities, you can ensure that students have access to accessible media for all of your content.

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University of North Dakota Improves the Campus Experience: A User Friendly Software Lecture Capture Solution

“I’m not an ‘IT’ person; I’m not even that ‘techie’ a person,” said Stupnisky. “But I’ve found YuJa to be really easy to work with. And I like how easily it integrates into Blackboard.”

YuJa Enterprise Video Platform allows users to create and share video-based lecture capture content that can capture multiple videos, audio, and screen sources with a powerful – yet simple – desktop lecture capture software application. As mentioned in the University of North Dakota’s original blog post, Stupnisky placed himself in the shoes of an online student and pictured a student who wanted to establish a real connection with the instructor. By delivering recorded lessons, students can visually see Stupnisky teach are provided a more engaging learning experience. 

Image Source: How UND IT improves the campus experience

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