Learning Channel 1 YuJa’s video channels are an easy and efficient way to organize your video podcasts, lecture captures, and other educational materials online. All videos created in YuJa are automatically part of your class or group channel. Students can easily review all course videos and follow along in order. This makes it easy for students in online courses, but also for any competency- based courses. Well-organized video channels also allow students to easily review materials prior to tests or examinations. YuJa’s learning channels are equally effective for corporate training or providing information to volunteers for your non-profit. With integrated support for YouTube and Vimeo, you can add online videos to your video channel with nothing more than the URL. The ability to include a variety of educational videos supports different types of learners and learning styles, allows you to offer more in-depth information on specific subjects and address possible student questions with ease. You’ll find that any videos you’ve created with the tools available in YuJa are already located in your learning channel. There’s no need to add these videos to your channel, but you can remove them if you’d like. To add a YouTube or Vimeo video, simply choose add video and enter the URL for the video. In minutes, you can fill your video channel up with useful learning resources for your students. Since you’re sharing a link, there’s no risk of copyright infringement. Finding Videos to Share
  • Check your textbook or curriculum publisher’s website. They may offer video links suitable for your class.
  • Look for subject-specific high-quality documentaries to share. Many are available online.
  • Review well-known educational sites, like Khan Academy for video links.
  • Use user reviews to narrow down your search and reduce your own watching time.
  • Ask students to share favorite videos they find while studying.