YuJa captureWhile some instructors may embrace lecture capture technology with excitement, in other cases, the impetus to embrace new technology comes from the department or the institution. In this case, a smart educational program can get your instructors on-board. While you could employ IT staff to set up recording equipment and record each lecture, this is a costly and inefficient choice. YuJa offers two different automated recording solutions that simplify the lecture capture process for the instructor and enable departments or institutions to offer live streaming and cloud-based lecture captures to students. Automated recording makes lecture capture easy for the instructor.

Educating Instructors about Lecture Capture

The first step for any department or institution initiating lecture capture is to provide instructors with education about the benefits of lecture capture. Some instructors may embrace new technologies. Others may be significantly less willing to tackle the challenges of the modern, technology-enhanced connected classroom. Providing education can change that.

The Benefits of Lecture Capture

Lecture captures and livestreams enable students to watch the class remotely or after class.  This offers a number of benefits for both the student and the instructor. What are the benefits of lecture capture? According to the Stanford Center for Teaching and Learning, they include:

  • Greater ability to offer additional learning resources.
  • Increased note-taking flexibility for students.
  • Allowing students to review material at their own pace.
  • More time for enterprise video in the classroom.
  • New opportunities for student participation.
  • Ability to catch up after missed lectures.

What Do the Studies Say?

Evaluation studies have shown the following about lecture capture, both with regards to attendance and student learning. These studies can address instructor concerns about lecture capture technology.

  1. Student attendance does not drop with the introduction of lecture capture.
  2. Students report improved mastery and understanding of course material with the introduction of lecture capture.
  3. Lecture capture increases student engagement with the material and may alter student notetaking practices in positive ways.

YuJa offers an easy solution for instructors. The lecture capture process can be automated to provide lecture captures with little or no instructor involvement. This increases the likelihood of compliance with department or institution wide lecture capture policies.

How Does Automated Recording Work?

Automated recording is available in two different formats. You can opt to install the YuJa appliance in classrooms. This appliance integrates with all of your classroom equipment and enables either instructors or IT staff to schedule recordings.

When recordings are scheduled, the appliance starts live streaming the lecture. Additionally, it uploads the recording to the YuJa cloud. Once uploaded, the recording autocaptions and is available and searchable for students to review in the future. The YuJa appliance offers a hands-off solution for instructors, and enables an institution to employ lecture capture for all classes in a classroom with significant ease.

Software-based lecture capture also offers automated recording ability. The recording software is simply set up on a podium computer or instructor’s laptop computer. When scheduled, the software starts to live-stream the broadcast and capture it to upload to the YuJa cloud.

Whichever option you choose, automated lecture capture can simplify the process for instructors and support instructor compliance. Your students can count on the recordings to livestream on schedule and to be available via their class learning channels after class.


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