audiologistAccording to the United States Department of Labor and Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Employment of healthcare occupations is projected to grow 19 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations, adding about 2.3 million new jobs. Healthcare occupations will add more jobs than any other group of occupations. This growth is expected due to an aging population and because federal health insurance reform should increase the number of individuals who have access to health insurance.” That means that the need for new professionals in healthcare is critical, and that educational institutions, both vocational and four-year colleges and universities, will need to respond to that need. YuJa offers educational options ideal for healthcare education, both to support students and help institutions meet growing healthcare education needs.

Using Lecture Capture Technology to Support Healthcare Students

Effective and high-quality lecture capture technology enables institutions to support healthcare students in a variety of ways. Students learn in different ways; by reading, hearing, seeing, and doing. Lecture captures may not provide your students with the ability to learn by doing, but they do enable reading, hearing, and seeing. Students have the ability to repeat, rewind and replay videos.

  • Lecture captures enable students to study and review. Healthcare courses frequently involve specific terminology and high information density. The ability to rewind and review allows students to maximize their understanding of course material.
  • Lecture capture technology can be used to record procedures and demonstrations. Students can easily watch these procedures and demonstrations over and over again. In a large lecture hall, some students may not be able to see demonstrations easily, but with support for multiple cameras, YuJa can offer a clear view of every procedure.
  • Mobile access to lectures through the YuJa Mobile App allows students to review procedures while at clinical sites.

Online Learning and Healthcare

Non-traditional students often turn to healthcare education. Healthcare jobs are plentiful and varied; however, many non-traditional students prefer online learning options for at least some of their courses. While online learning cannot fill all of the course requirements for healthcare, it is a practical choice for some courses. YuJa provides the tools needed to craft online courses that teach healthcare information and skills and fit effectively into an overall degree or certification program.

  • Lecture captures and live broadcasts provide students the ability to watch lectures and even to participate in real-time.
  • Demonstrations of procedures or on-site web captures enable students to see and experience healthcare skills in action.
  • Social learning features enable students to interact and engage with peers and instructors.
  • Online quizzes and tools offer options to assess student learning.