On-Demand Recording.

On-demand recording allows instructors to initiate both live course live streams and recorded presentations on an as-needed basis. All our capture solutions – software, appliance, mobile and web – offer simplified workflows to capture and publish whenever and wherever you need it.

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Make any computer an on-demand recording station


What’s the difference between scheduled and on-demand recording?

Benefits of on-demand recording for educators and students.

Integrate New Learning Strategies

Want to incorporate flipped classroom? In minutes use our web capture studio to record and publish securely.


Minimal Equipment Needed

With our software, personal and mobile capture solutions there is no special equipment needed.


Create Flexible Learning

With flexible recording modalities, instructors can record vital material for offline or post-class viewing.


Auto-captioning and slide text recognition of on-demand recordings.

The YuJa Cloud can automatically auto-caption your on-demand recordings. Closed captions – like you see on TV – can appear on all YuJa presentations. This enables flexible search options for your learning community. Viewers can easily look for a particular portion of a recording to watch or re-watch it as needed.

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Benefits of on-demand recording for corporate use.


On-Demand Conference Recording

Push-button start for instant and secure recording of conferences.


Train a Distributed Workforce

Capture a video presentation for review within your internal corporate video library.


Recorded Training Programs

Pre-record training seminars to allow employees to review and re-visit.

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