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Platform and Tools

Video Processing

Elastic Cloud for High-Volume Video Encoding

YuJa’s elastic encoding infrastructure performs high-throughput adaptive bitrate transcoding, as well as offers configurable transcode profiles and multi-source encoding.

Video Processing Solutions Trusted By Leading Organizations

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Complete Portfolio Of Digital Media Tools

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Scalable Video

Scalable Video Platform with Elastic Cloud Encoding

The cloud-hosted YuJa Enterprise Video Platform offers unlimited storage capacity to ingest, transcode and stream virtually all media types. Our cloud-hosted video technology automatically performs adaptive bitrate encoding for optimized playback on any device.

Secure and Scalable

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Deploying a Scalable Lecture Capture Platform

“YuJa’s Enterprise Lecture Capture Platform really meets our need for a robust lecture capture solution.”

-Duncan MacIver, Technology Enhanced Learning Manager

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Case study

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Ingest Media

Upload Video and Files From Any Source

Media ingestion tools make it simple to upload videos and files from any source to the Enterprise Video Platform.

Regardless of the source of your video, the Video Platform provides a seamless solution to:

  • Publish video files directly to your courses and groups.
  • Automatically transcode for viewing across web, mobile and tablet platforms.
  • Caption video files for accessibility and searchability.
  • Process optical character recognition and video analysis for deep in-video search.

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Adaptive Bitrate Encoding

Adaptive Bitrate Encoding for All Networks and Devices

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform automatically transcodes all media into suitable adaptive bitrate HLS formats for optimized mobile, tablet, and desktop viewing. By default, the Video Platform will create transcoded formats that include 360p, 720p, and 1080p.

Mobile Encoding

Screen Optimization

Minimize Buffering

Adaptive Bitrate Encoding
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Cloud-Native Architecture

A Cloud-Native Architecture Designed for High Workloads

The YuJa Cloud is the backbone of our entire portfolio of Ed-Tech products. Designed by engineers, scientists and academics with a track-record of deploying large-scale distributed systems, each tool within our products leverages the YuJa Cloud to deliver a high-impact user experience.



Load-Spike Tolerant


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Elastic Processing

Ability to Handle High-Volume Media Processing Workloads

Our elastic processing cluster enables our capacity to dynamically adjust to the prevailing workload without the need for any human intervention. This allows for quick processing of millions of concurrent system requests, including transcoding, transmuxing, captioning, thumbnailing and cognitive video analysis.


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