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On-Demand Video Streaming

The YuJa Cloud offers enterprises dynamic on-demand video streaming, transcoding, and adaptive bitrate for multi-device playback on desktops, tablets and mobile phones

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Global Video Delivery

Global Video Delivery

Optimized Global Video Delivery

YuJa provides high-quality, flexible, and secure video streaming across all devices and platforms. Our optimized HD video pipeline and streaming uses adaptive bitrate technology to provide the smoothest viewing experience on all devices.

Streaming video is the ideal tool for any industry. From online classes to employee onboarding, streaming video is an effective and efficient way to meet the needs of a changing environment.


Adaptive Bitrate Video Streaming

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming Ensures Smooth and Consistent Playback

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform makes it possible to stream video in a variety of encoding formats. Multiple-flavor transcoding and adaptive bitrate technology support quality playback on every device and on any wireless or wireline network.

  • Cloud-hosted live streaming enables flexible delivery formats
  • Videos can be streamed directly to a desktop or mobile browser
  • Video is compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets
Aiken Technical College
Aiken Technical College

Aiken Technical College

Recognized among the “Best Online Community Colleges in South Carolina,” in 2020, Aiken Technical College (ATC) was looking for an affordable, accessible and scalable video solution. The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform has met these needs and more, helping the college meet increased video demands and more.

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Video Transcode Management Capabilities

Transcode Management

Flexible Video Transcode Management Capabilities

Transcodes are automatically generated for all videos uploaded to the Video Platform to provide different video qualities. The Video Platform also provides capabilities to manage and adjust the transcodes available for a particular video.


Stream and Store Video Content Securely

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform provides the built-in security capabilities and infrastructure that your organization expects. Your media is cloud-managed, securely streamed, and can be integrated securely within your LMS, website and enterprise applications.

Access Control

Access control limits viewing and management to only authorized users both inside and outside your organization.

Secure Sharing

Encrypted and centrally cloud-managed video storage and management infrastructure.

Data Redundancy

Automatic redundancy with unmatched reliability and storage stability.

Stream and Store Securely
Multi-Stream Adaptive Video Streaming

Multi-Source Video Streaming

Multi-Source, Synchronous Video Streaming Capabilities

Streaming video is the ideal tool for any industry. From online classes to employee onboarding, streaming video is an effective and efficient way to meet the needs of a changing environment.


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Multi-Stream HTML5 Live Streaming and Video-on-Demand

Mobile-Compatible Players

Mobile-Compatible HTML5 Players for Recorded and Live Content

YuJa also offers HTML5-based Media Players designed with phones and tablets in mind. Our Media Players offer responsive design, adaptive bitrate streaming, network-sensing technology, and interactive capabilities.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
Mobile and Tablet
Scalable Global Network

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