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Consolidate your video tools with a single platform for video hosting, lecture capture, live streaming, collaboration and video management, and distribution


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An Integrated Cloud-hosted Video Platform

Cloud-hosted Video CMS

An Integrated Cloud-Hosted Video Platform

Consolidate your video learning tools with a single Video Platform for lecture capture, live streaming, video management, video editing and video hosting.

Live Course Streaming

Live stream courses and training from any classroom, conference room, or offsite location.

Lecture Capture Tools

Record ideas and discussions as they flow with our lecture capture tools

Video Conferencing

Launch video conferencing for live synchronous teaching and online training scenarios.

Johnson County Community College
Johnson County Community College

Johnson County Community College

Because YuJa works well with LMS providers, there wasn’t a lot of setup required. The ease of use proved beneficial as instructors were being stretched more than ever to provide quality, accessible courses remotely.

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Elastic Scaling for Continued Performance During Demand Spikes

Elastic Scaling

Elastic Scaling for Continued Performance During Demand Spikes

The YuJa cloud-based architecture is designed with advanced elastic scaling, load spike tolerance, and containerized sub-system redundancy to support high volume, video-at-scale production workloads.

  • Cloud-hosted live streaming enables flexible delivery formats
  • Videos can be streamed directly to a desktop or mobile browser
  • Video is compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets
Adaptive Bitrate Streaming and Multi-Device Encoding

Adaptive Bitrate

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming and Multi-Device Encoding

The Video Platform offers a unique and highly optimized media-encoding pipeline that uses HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). The result is improved video startup times, minimal buffering and re-buffering, and an overall richer media experience for viewers.

Improved Startup Times
Minimal Buffering
Richer Media Experience


Searchable Video and Deep Library Search

Complete search capabilities across auto-captions, indexes, and metadata across your entire media library allow you to find exactly what you need in your video collection.

HTML5 Media Player
A Comprehensive Lecture Capture System

Video Transcoding

Convert, Transcode and Format Virtually Anything

Convert, transcode, and format your video files into easy-to-view formats accessible on a variety of devices. There is no need for third-party codecs or additional software to adjust file sizes or file quality.

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