The benefits of lecture capture are undeniable; students have embraced this technology, as have many institutions. For instructors, lecture capture technology has traditionally required some amount of additional work; they have to turn on equipment and start and stop the recording for a class lecture or delegate this task to a teaching assistant or student.

While some instructors happily embrace new technology, others may be more reluctant to accept new technology or to add new responsibilities. Even instructors who are excited about new technology may find it challenging to manage lecture capture technology in the classroom. Fortunately, there is an accessible solution that brings lecture capture to every classroom–automation.

What Is Automated Lecture Capture?

Automated lecture capture means that the lecture capture technology automatically starts and stops. Lecture captures are live streamed, published to the course, or saved without any effort from the instructor on a day-to-day basis.

You might think of automated lecture capture a bit like setting up a calendar event. At a set time, and on a set schedule, the lecture capture happens. Once the parameters have been set, no one is required to do anything on a day-to-day basis. Management and maintenance of lecture capture is simplified, and there is no need for regular instructor involvement in the process.

The Benefits of Auto-scheduling for Instructors

Automation, or auto-scheduling, offers a number of benefits for instructors. When lecture captures are automated, there is no need to take time at the beginning of the class session to start recordings, or to take attention away from students at the end of the class session to stop and save or publish a recording.

For Tech-Savvy Instructors

Instructors who enjoy new technology can still use on-demand lecture capture for impromptu or scheduled review sessions, study groups, or even mobile captures; however, auto-scheduling eliminates any risk of human error.

For Less Tech-Savvy Instructors

For instructors less comfortable with new technology, auto-scheduling means a hands-off approach to lecture capture. Their lectures are captured without any effort or involvement from them. 

For All Instructors

All instructors can benefit from knowing that their students have access to high-quality lecture captures for review and reference. This can limit the need for in-class review, and provide a useful resource that instructors can refer to on an ongoing basis. 

The Benefits of Auto-scheduling for Institutions

While instructors can benefit from automation on a day-to-day basis, the benefits of auto-scheduling technology are more significant for institutions. 

  • Students have expressed a strong interest in lecture capture technology, and many even have an expectation of the availability of lecture capture. For institutions, being able to provide reliable and widespread lecture capture is an important marketing opportunity to attract and retain a quality student body.
  • Automated lecture capture provides consistency; there is no need to expend additional effort and expense to train instructors or to work to encourage instructor compliance.
  • Automation requires little time for set-up, and can be completed before the semester begins; smart scheduling technology even allows for vacation periods!