video-management Why are former MediaCore customers choosing YuJa?

YuJa offers a practical and affordable alternative to other media management solutions, particularly for former MediaCore customers looking for a new video solution. YuJa’s video solutions include appliance and software-based video capture solutions to provide high-quality lecture capture in a variety of different scenarios. YuJa shares the essential features of these programs, while providing an affordable package solution, incorporating additional social learning features for students and instructors.

Media Streaming, Storage and Organization

Institutions of all sizes need a good-quality and effective video solution to meet student and instructor needs. Effective video management enables instructors to store and organize video content, while allowing administrators, instructors and students to easily access video content. A smart video management solution for any institution must fulfill three distinct purposes.
  • Secure storage keeps video content safe, protected and accessible over time. Instructors and administrators can control access to content.
  • Well-designed systems should enable easy video access. With YuJa’s cloud-based storage, your videos are available from any computer or mobile device.
  • Institutional video solutions need to provide the ability to organize, use, and re-use video materials. Metadata makes it simple to organize video content, and to search for video content.
In addition, it needs to be simple to install, LTI-compatible and easy to use. YuJa offers each of these essentials, as well as many other beneficial options. In addition, a video platform must provide stability. As a customer, institutions need a video provider that they can trust to keep their content safe and accessible for many years to come.

Compare the Facts

  1. With stable and consistent service and storage for your video content, YuJa is an ideal video solution.
  2. YuJa provides the option to livestream your content or record and capture content for later viewing.
  3. LMS integration makes YuJa installation and use simple and efficient for IT staff, instructors and students.
  4. YuJa offers an affordable and cost-effective alternative to more expensive video management systems.
  5. Students, instructors, and administrators find YuJa to be easy-to-use, effective, and a good solution to video needs.
Whether you’re shopping for a new alternative to Mediacore, or looking to enable a video solution for the first time, YuJa can provide an easy-to-use, effective, stable and reliable solution for all your lecture streaming and capture needs.

Expanding on Video Management

YuJa provides more than just a tool for video management. YuJa incorporates effective, well-designed options for: