Student Accessibility

Self-Service Accessibility Features to Meet Each Student’s Needs

Give students control of their learning environment by enabling the Panorama Browser tool on any website, allowing them to create a personalized, accessible browsing experience with customized UI.

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Panorama Accessibility Platform

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Enable Students to Customize Their Viewing Experience

Every student learns differently. It’s an institution’s responsibility to provide the tools they need to be successful in their learning journey. With self-service accessibility tools, students can create create customized solutions for their learning needs, with easy-to-use scanning and sharing workflows, and their own personal content repository

See Accessible Documents

Increase Website Accessibility

Share Accessible Media

Customize Website UI

Enable Accessible Viewing

Save Accessible Content

Screenshot showing files found on a construction page with alternative formats available.

Scan Files

Scan, Store, and Enhance Accessibility of Study Material

Students can seamlessly scan external web pages for downloadable files to add to their personal content repository. With the click of a button, the file is added to their My Content media library, where they can view, download the original or alternative format of the document, or share the file.

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YuJa Panorama provides a centralized location with reporting for all content, which has been helpful for instructors. “I don’t want to say it’s magic, but it really does help that our faculty can look in one location to see what their course looks like, issues, and not only that, how to remedy issues. Then, you can remedy most of those issues in the same place,” McCrary said.

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Adjust Content

Adjust Web Page Content and Generate Alternative Formats

Students can quickly select a profile that meets their design and UI needs and apply it to any web page as they browse, as well as make adjustments to fonts and spacing, color and contrast, and generate alternative formats for files. Users can choose to hide images, pause animations, apply a reading mask or toggle on a reading guide independently of the profile they select.

Student Self-Service

Easy-to-Use Student Self-Service Tools


Quickly scan web pages for embedded files to download or add to your library.


Make it easier to navigate external websites by enabling custom accessibility settings.


Generate a variety of alternative formats to increase file accessibility.


Adjust web page content and color with the click of a button to meet individual accessibility needs.

Fine Tune

Fine tune how content appears with various web page accessibility options and levels.


Save and organize accessible files from websites to a personal content repository.


Select a custom profile that optimizes the web browsing experience.


Students can set their language preference for document translation.

A screenshot of My Contents within YuJa Panorama.


Students Can Store Documents in Their Own Accessible Library

With a personal content repository, My Content, users can create folders, organize files, and quickly access their preferred format for their documents in their own personal content library. Documents and media can easily be shared with others, including both internal and external parties.

To learn more about the YuJa Panorama Digital Accessibility Platform, call us at 1-888-257-2278

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