Live Streaming for Education.

Amplify the impact of your teaching with flexible live streaming tools to extend the reach of your course instruction.

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Live stream courses and training events.


1Ability to pause a live stream and then resume. Also, ability to “jump” to live anytime

2Secure link within the platform or send a direct link

3Multi-stream live streaming

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Scalable Live Streaming with Ease

Setup live streaming within any classroom in minutes.


Choose Your
Live Streaming Platform

Use the YuJa Hardware Hub or YuJa Software Station to stream and share your event in real-time to remote participants.


Plug in Your
Room Devices

Integrate multiple cameras, SmartBoards, desktop content, and document cameras into event and presentation recordings.


Integrate within an LMS or Use Standalone

Live streams are accessible to authenticated course groups using your LMS security or platform access model.

Increase your course’s geographic boundaries.

Make your course events and conferences accessible to individuals unable to travel or attend in person.

For a large event, live streaming can even enable you to create an overflow space to allow for higher utilization levels.

Create ongoing value by capturing live streams for future self-paced viewing.

Make smart investments in the right places.

Review video analytics to assess the success of different live streamed course offerings. Use quantitative data to make beneficial changes to future events.

Further, with opportunities to re-purpose recorded content for hybrid, blended and lecture capture use cases, now event content has value well beyond the event itself.


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