Multi-Camera Recording.

Multi-camera recording captures multiple views in your classroom to produce a dynamic and visually exciting presentation capture.

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Multi-camera capture and broadcasting creates high-impact learning experiences.

With multi-camera recording, instructors can capture lectures, visual presentations and engaging keynote speaker presentations from room cameras, speaker cameras and document cameras. This enables viewers to get an up-close perspective of a hands-on demonstration, written mathematics proof, or guest speaker.


Integrate with diverse cameras, video, audio and presentation sources.


Webcams and external camera systems




Document cameras


Digital whiteboards and SmartBoards


Projectors and Visualizers

Audio Systems and Mixers

Audio systems and mixers

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Multi-camera recording
provides learners with new perspectives

Teaching Medical Techniques Visually

Imagine providing students with the ability to see a medical procedure from three different angles. Even in a classroom, students can’t look over the instructor’s shoulder with ease, but a camera can.

Demonstrate Hands-On Concepts

In physics and engineering, a great way to help your students understand is a physical demonstration. In a large lecture hall, students often can’t see the demonstration, and even in a smaller classroom, may miss key aspects.


Viewers can customize
their video playback experience

Resize, Maximize and Toggle

Viewers can dynamically resize, maximize and toggle through video feeds, choosing which they find most useful.


Instructors Can Present With Confidence

Presenters can also access all video sources during capture by using the confidence monitor that shows each video source feed.